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1 weeek later

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Stylez, May 5, 2003.

  1. yeh
    see ya all in a week
    worst shit happned, n im grounded from comp
    a friend called me, and my answering machine picked up and I didnt know, so I picked up aswell
    we had a long convo bout buyin weed, smokin weed, etc
    didnt know it was all recorded
    dad listens to recording
    gives me long ass talk and im grounded for a week :/
    cyas all soon, 1 weeks time, if I dont sneak on from time to time! (not supposed to be on now actually ;))
  2. ::big old smack on the forehead::

    that sucks, damn recording devices.

    hopefully it will be a quick week
  3. Damn stylez, sorry to hear that :(
    I guess you'll be needing to smoke a lot more weed to make up for loss of computer entertainment :smoke:

    Shit...I hope your dad isn't reading this... :eek:
  4. man i wish that if my dad found out he only would ground me for a week. u got off lucky
  5. You did get off lucky. And when you answer on the 4th ring always listen closely for the answering machine. It plays out loud as it's recording so if you're anywhere near it and you listen you can tell it's on.

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