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  1. IMG_0265.JPG IMG_0264.JPG Hello
    I'm Steve
    Can someone help me please.
    Tried to get Scott from Oregons Only, is out of office for some time, so no luck there.
    First time on here. Only 2nd grow with Nectar of the gods. I'm having a issue with one plant. Total of 5 plants in a grow tent. All plants using the same, this grow is all soil, and its nectar's soil. 1 plant pineapple chunk is having a problem. PH on all is perfect.
    Also on this 1 plant the leaves are drooping a bit.
    I'm using the new schedule of Greek Regimen, that Scott gave me from oregons only.
    Here is 2 Picts. Has anyone seen this before, and what have you done, or would do?

    Thank you to anyone that can help.
    Also thank you for this forum

  2. What is your ph runoff?

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