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  1. Hey just wondering if it will ruin my 96 if I run just one on the hlg 320h 54a?
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  2. I believe it should turn down enough to be ok . Some of the hlg recommended drivers for a single are 185watt and 200watt drivers so.....maybe get a fan on it though
  3. Thanks for the response I can clearly see that even 2 96 with all my plants moved to the very edge of my 4x4 is still not making them happy. Do you off top of head know watts needed psf for like seedlings.
  4. No not in watts because you would still have the variable of height, I use a lux meter for that. 10000- 12000 lux is where I start. If you don't have a meter they have lux meter apps that work if you have a quality phone. Whatever you decide err on the side of caution I burnt my seedlings pretty badly when I first started with the 96s
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  5. 100-200PPFD for seedlings and clones.
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  6. Already past the phase of burning up a round of ssseedlings lol. I do have a lux meter probably same one so you just make it x10 when looking for this? I asked in ways because I have a like 32 watt sunblaster CFL in a metal home depot cone and it doesn't go the few in. Above my plants like they say you should have CFL. Mine are about a foot away
  7. Here’s a good general ppfd guide to follow -

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  8. Sweet man thanks for that I like the whole chart I was just getting ready to start feeding my veggies outside and wasnt sure how much to give them. Should make my life a little easier then i will know if i am in a range that is killing them. What are we talking about on price for a metter to read ppf.
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  9. Either one of these should get the job done. Unless your spending a ton of money (in the thousands) you will be looking at lux meters.


    Take the lux readings, and punch them into a lux to ppfd calculator, like this one -

    Convert Lux to PPFD - Online Calculator | Waveform Lighting

    Make sure you pick the closest spectrum to your lights from the drop down -


    Good luck!
  10. I have the orange one just did not think I was able to find accurate ppm with that.
  11. I think someone ran a test. Like they had the proper meter for PPFD or whatever and a lux meter. Think they took got the Par readings! and when they were ideal took the lux meter readings to share with folks with 96’s and lux meters. I think. Is this right or close @Tbone Shuffle ?
  12. This should get you accurate enough readings to convert lux to ppfd. If you want a device that does on board ppfd, spectrum, etc, your looking a tool that isn’t in the same realm when it comes to pricing.

    Here’s what @Steakbomb uses. Get ready for a little sticker shock lol


    Maybe @oro_gro ? I know he had a thread where he mapped out some lights, I think they were the 96’s.
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  13. For QB96elite divide lux reading by 66.4341 to get PPFD value.
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  14. No I have been doing just this for the last 3 1/2 months. I got a 120x120mm fan on amazon and I have been running mine at 220-270w. I will be getting the 2nd one next month.
  15. Just curious, where did you get that number? I haven’t bothered to research how the different cri and spectrum numbers equate to different conversion ratios.
  16. It's on the HLG site, there's a different ratio to use depending on the specific board.
    Converting Lux to PPFD & Measuring Lux with Smartphone
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  17. Yes. It was Or_Gro. About 65,000 lux for 1000 ppfd.
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  18. l2ppfd.JPG
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