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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Geefunk, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hiya Im a newbie to all this growin lark and have been readin alot of the threads and am thinking about playing around with a bit of bag seed and see what happens.

    I am wondering what is the cheapest set-up that can be created. I wanna start cheap and then maybe et a more expensive set up once i get the hang of it.

    I only want one plant on the go and am thinnking of LSTing it to keep it compact and bud-tastic.

    goona get an old toy chest (like a treasure chest) and paint the bad boy white and tke the top off and get adjustable bulb/bulbs above it.

    Im from the UK and am willing to spend about £20/£50.

    The lights are the FLO's or HD things aint they (im a techie idiot)

    Goona try loads o seeds and then sex em n chuck out the males and try the females

    What do the more experienced of ya think?

    Any help/friendly ridicule/banter/ball breaking is appreciated:D
  2. Man for 50 Euros you're not looking at very much.
    For that you can get only maybe 5 27 watt CFL bulbs, a cheap 4 maybe 6 inch fan, some 20-20-20 fert and 10-20-10 fert, (2) 1 gallon pots, a bag of dirt and a 3.50 Euro soil ph tester; that's about it. That is bear minimums grow. We might already be over budget. That does not include the seeds.
  3. cant he buy the light saver bulbs that are cheaper then cfls?
  4. If you keep em short your looking at a 2to 3 month growing cycle inside a toy chest. If If i was going to do that i would Scrog or LST but dont expect a good plant unless you have at least 160 watts of tubes. You could use the compact floros and get a much bigger yield due to heat and light intensity.​

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