1 Plant Challenge - Very Cheap

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Geefunk, May 11, 2006.


    I have never, ever grown weed but have been reading all the threads and am a bit tempted to have a little play about with bag seed.

    I was just thinking what is the cheapest set up you can get that will yield enough bud for a few smokes (i aint that bothered about 3/4 ounces etc.)

    When i say cheap, I mean really cheap.

    Cheapest light
    Cheapest fert
    Cheapest box

    Smell aint a problem so not sure about the fan.

    i can get loads of wood froma contact so can build a box a piece of piss and white it etc. so that aint gonna cost.

    If you were me what would you do.

    Cost from £20 - £50

    Im from the UK by the way.
  2. i would make a box 2 foot by 2 foot and about 4 feet tall paint the inside flat white (or line with mylar its really cheap like 5 bucks) Most importantly after that u need a light i would use some cfls coming from the top and the sides since ur on a budget, get some cheap potting soil from the store and some fertilizer preferably 20-20-20 since your just doing 1 plant find a container that fits the space perfect and startout with it so transplanting isn't a issue, then just cross ur fingers and hope for a female.
  3. legend. Thanks mate. Will try it out.

    Cheers for the advice:)

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