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  1. Hi. im new to grasscity so excuse any errors lol. ive grown before with hps but have moved and only have room for small grows so have decided to use envirolites to grow an autoflowering strain. i have used a blue spectrum 125w envirolite to veg for a coulpe of weeks its showing her sex now and i have also put in a 125w red spectrum envirolite totalling 250 dual spectrum. my question is, should i use one of each bulb or two red bulbs? for the last two or three weeks of flowering two reds but what about in between ie from now til then. or should i use 2 red with one blue bulb? i only have one plant so i dont want to over do it on the lights. any help on the subject would be well appreciated, thanks guys.
  2. hi mate im bit stoned, but if i read rite, id go with the 2 "reds" & the "blue", basically as much light as u can give, you know for flowering you want 'red'(2700k) spectrum, & blue(6500k) for veg, but a mix of both, is good, ive done it in the past just with more "red" than blue, say 70% in the red spectrum & 30% blue, something like that id say is great & you can do the reverse for vegging
  3. aw excellent. this is what i thought but i read somewhere that u can have too much light. so its a plan two reds and the blue in the middle. thanks for help.
  4. no prob, & yea it is poss to have to much light, but i think it needs to be a fair bit, with HPS,MH lights etc, anyway the plant also shows signs of "bleaching" in the leaves if there is to much light,

    hope it goes well

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