1 month update, 100 percent only water/coffee ground fed

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    just some nice bagseed, it started in july, so im hoping it decides to veg for a little bit longer and finish late so i can get something off of it... i live in a place where this is completely possible...super late first frost.... it's 110 everyday here too, this plant likes it, had lots of seedlings who couldn't handle the heat... this one liked it and so far so good.. topped once so far, and probably the only time.. it reacted well to it, but i'm not gonna risk it again since it should be trying to flower as soon as possible..

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  2. Hmm, I wish you luck! soil looks rather...interesting. curious to see how it goes. Whats the soil mix?
  3. Am also quite curious about what soil mix this is. Looks a little different
  4. I'm guessing strait native soil.

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    very close, it's 60 percent native soil 20 percent horse manure from our ranch, and 20 percent compost from a compost pile that's about 5 years old :)

    it actually burnt a little in the early seedling stages, so i figured the soil's hot enough :)

    it's a little packed because there's no perlite (i'll be doing this different from this year forward)

    i let the water sit out and evaporate for 3 days or so at an attempt for purification, i'll make one gallon jug to every 4 with about 5tsp of used coffee grounds... it got a little rainwater the other day and shot out two leaf sets in a day, it's really picked up the last couple days after that little bit of rain, and alas it's raining again tonight :)

    i'm just hoping it will veg enough to grow another foot or so before full flower
  6. I would try givin it as much nitrogen as it can handle I only done one grow but I can tell that from the plants i didnt give any too their smaller and have less preflowers, same strain.

  7. yeah i have def noticed the power of the N, i grew one last year as well, had 3 at one point but one got eaten by a deer or something, and the other got eaten by bugs and never really healed...eventually pulled it, but yeah as for N... coffee grounds has an almost immediate effect from my experience, i think my plant got a little magnesium deficient last year, showed the signs then finally lost a bunch of leaves as it was went from veg to flower, and grew all new smaller different looking leaves lol... i also had to end up chopping the plant about 2 weeks too early because it was getting stinky... too stinky.. there's neighbors within a few hundred yards and i didnt want them investigating a smell or something... this year, new spot, so that problem is eliminated.... learned from mistakes, i think this year is gonna be better :) fingers crossed :D
  8. oh i'm also going to give molasses a try this year :)
  9. In the future if your gonna use the same soil mix i would highly sugjest adding some perlite it helps with drainage and airation.
  10. It has time to stretch some still. Hope you get something worthy of your efforts...
  11. thanks everyone for postin in my thread repped everyone :)

    just blazed a couple sandwich snaps (bud+isohash+bud) through the bong, feelin the love and just looked down and it's 420 :) nice :)

    went and tied that girl down today, the rainwater made it shoot out more leaves lol tied her down so maybe she'll shoot one of those bottom branches into the air and have 3 colitas in the air by flower
  12. Im curious, whats with the coffee grounds... read this a few times, no reasons given as to why.. just curious.. care to share with us who dont know?
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    Used coffee grounds are a good source of Nitrogen. Great for composting. Don't usually hear of people using it right in the grows, though I do sprinkle some around my veggies when need be.

    A list of organic sources for N-P-K that I have says dried coffee grounds have approx. N:1.99 P:.36 K:.67

    I have a plant not doing so good that I'm going to throw up for experimentation on this. In the meantime, I'm going to research the why's on the why's, so I'll get back here with some information unless someone beats me to it.
  14. Here's the best one page article I found among many. Worms apparently love the coffee grounds, and I know personally they love bedding around the filters because they stay moist. Coffee grounds and the filters help heat up a compost pile as well. This would explain why I'm able to compost 3 gallons in 2 weeks using a "Hot Bucket" method of mine. I can put a slice of banana peel in this bucket and it's completely gone by the end of the week. This is probably something I'll document and share at some point.

  15. Excelleent reply... leaves me with just one question? I like the long term availability of N as well as the availability of P... so how much would i add to a 5 gallon pot of soil?
  16. yeah coffee grounds have n val of 3-0-0 ive heard
    banana peels have 0-0-42
    and P is a lil harder to find in produce
  17. Yea, I like the P as well. Been trying to find a nice at-home source of it.

    Says it can be used at rates similar to other amendments, so 2-3 cups of amendments per cubic foot (7.5gallons), leaves me guessing at 1/2-3/4 cup.

    I'd hold off and see if one of the known guru's chimes in.

    I'm left to wonder if making a diluted solution, added in a small amount to say Calcium Phosphate at changeover (transition from veg to flower) would help a little.
  18. Ya, im postin up and waitin, anxious to see a reply..
  19. I got some positive feedback yesterday on the coffee from a seasoned grower that said they used to save it up all year to use it.. he said its a great ammendment and gave me a start for an amount to add in.. he says its great for aeration and drainage as well... i think im gonna try it with one of my bagseeds and see what comes of it... hell my good shit aint planted yet and will still be done sooner... this bagseed is 14 to 15 weeks flower time...
  20. Aeration huh? As long as they're used and dried, I can see that now. One more step to natural farming if this can help to alleviate perlite use :) Soon as I'm able to grow my own seaweed :)

    I'm going to check that thread now. Thanks for posting that up man.

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