1 month old seedlings, pic included.

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  1. Tomorrow it will be exactly one month ago since these two seedlings came out the soil.
    How do they look for girls that age? Don't mind the little ones!
    So far I only used Canna Terra Vega on them. 40ml/10L
    The highest point is 15 inches.

    And this is my first indoor grow by the way.
    Was thinking of putting them to flowering tomorrow.

  2. thows things have some thick ass stems already! haha what strain?
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    White widow :)
    I've been told it's an easy to grow plant and good for beginners, And the growshop I went to
    only had whitewidow and powerplant, the others were sold out, and I was too lazy to go the another seedcompany 200meters away.
    After this I'm definitly going to pick up some nice seeds from the greenhouse seed company.
    The cloning thing isn't working out for me I think, so seeds it is.

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