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1 Month Break - Tripping After

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Captain K, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. I took a .1 hit from a bong. Started tripping, like .. kind of like a panic attack, but I relaxed myself and went to sleep. Was tripping in my dreams. Some weird ass shit.
  2. Ended my tbreak too after 10 days last night by hotboxing my shed. It was intense!

  3. It's weird. Im pretty much convinced my weed is laced.
  4. your weed isn't laced. marijuana is a mild hallucinogenic, if you smoke enough of it or have a low enough tolerance or can't handle yourself well enough you CAN see things

  5. you could have bud laced with jwh, it happened to my friend. look up trip reports and experience, now that i know what jwh feels like i can always tell when its in my weed... its a mild dissociative feeling, kinda like your going in and out of consciousness, sort of. i dont want to jump to conclusions but you can never be too careful, and lacing bud with jwh is easy and cheap.. id suggest you look it up
  6. cannabis is a mild hallucinogen but i don't think you know what tripping is until you really trip.

    you don't trip on cannabis believe me, you guys need to try a nice pizza with some pepperoni and mushrooms on it :D

  7. amen to that
  8. I see what you're getting at here, and I do agree to some extent.

    That said, the first time I got really high on weed rivals the experiences I've had on any other drug in terms of intensity.
  9. thats because it was your first time but yeah my first time was really fucking intense too I didnt even know who I was

  10. so your saying you never had any really intense "other" drugs?

  11. which in my opinion is good, i messed around with other "trippy" drugs out there and done with that, good to do it at least once but i always come back to my mj
  12. That's never happened to me, even when I smoked cali buddz after a 27 day break. I don't know man, maybe you tolerance wasn't even mild to begin with? :confused:
  13. I don't know man .. I took 1 BONG HIT, that's it .. and I threw out the unfinished ashes. Instant cough-head high .. then I was dizzy going to the bathroom to clean out the bong, and when I got back, the music made me trip, some trippy beatles song was on and it was "convincing" me I was gonna die .. so I turned some other shit on .. and I to control my panic attack type thing .. so I chilled and went to bed. Closed my eyes, for some reason the bananna bread when I closed my eyes, I was playing like Guitar Hero, and when the bananna bread came closer, I got a boner. No jokes. I don't even know, boys. I'm so scared that this happened, it never happened to me before and Im worried that the shit is laced, so Im thinking of selling it all, what do you all think?

  14. WTF? I'm not understanding this!

  15. You know the little colourful things that come towards you .. I ate a piece of bananna bread before going to sleep, and the little buttons coming closer, were replaced with bananna bread. And the weird part, every time I struck a chord of bananna bread, I got aroused.

  16. I've smoked plenty of jwh (before i found out it was horrible for you) and I've never tripped on it..
  17. #17 Snaek, Feb 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 2, 2011
    After a month long tolerance break he probably had no tolerance, and then consumed his normal amount that he was used to when he was a heavy smoker. That could EASILY do what he was describing, not something specific to him.

    OP, you just had way more than you could handle after such a long break. Remember that first time back off a tbreak you probably only need like 1 hit if you've got the dank.

    EDIT: But by no means do I mean he was tripping, just really really high, not laced, etc. I've gone through what he described, and I have also tripped, and they are two different things.
  18. I don't think you were tripping but congratulations on getting really blazed.

  19. dude you might have gotten that jeffry
  20. oh, ok. LOL. Way to get ripped man.

    I can't wait for my month, only two more weeks. I'm going to get wrecked off a monster grav hit.

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