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    " If anyone says,'I Love God,' yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother,whom he has seen, cannot love God,whom he has not seen."

    -1 John 4:20

    Good Evening!:wave:
    My Pastor used this verse in his sermon on Love last Sunday, and I totally feel the meaning. I agree whole heart-idly, and with a verse identifier of 4:20, call me silly, but i really did feel compelled to share with my fellow Christian blades. God loves his stoners too. This is the first verse I took initiative in memorizing in the new year, and I challenge you to do the same, if you like.

    As a Christian who currently smokes weed I wouldn't promote it's use to other Christians as I completely respect the discipline of sobriety that so many in our Faith take up. I find that for everything there is a season (herb especially lol), a time and a place,
    (ecclesiastes 3:1), and I have respect for this gift that God has granted us.

    To any brothers & sisters in Christ who smoke out there, what's your thought of being a Christian Blade? :smoke:

  2. I'm completely down with this verse, but I'm not a Christian. I was one, once.

    Those words speak, though. Love your God, but do not turn from the rest of us. Don't think you will have more than the rest of us simply because of the Bible. Let that be the true test of these words.
  3. Obeying the law of the land seems to be a strong verse that many Christians bring up when dealing with marijuana usage. If you're in a place where marijuana can be considered legalized, I guess you're good.
  4. the true test of these words is not my ego, it's unconditional Love.

    often the debate over marijuana usage for Christians does find solution in the verse stating to obey the law of the land (1 peter 2:13) I wrote this thread without the intention of finding a "good" justification for my smoking, I write only to share the Love of my Lord and to take joy in relating to fellow blades.
    Thank you for being respectful :-D God Bless you both

  5. However, isn't unconditional love met through the quieting of one's ego?
  6. Im not necesarilly a Christian, i once was at some point, but not anymore really. I still hold Jesus in high regard though. His teachings were very valuable. I think the whole essence of Jesus' teaching was to love one another and create world peace. This is what this passage means to me. It is saying that you cannot possibly love God, or in other terms, the infinite source of life or nature, if you do not love you fellow human beings. It is indeed a beautiful passage.
  7. Good post J@ck!

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