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1 gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by splat1234, May 11, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am pretty new to weed. I have smoked before, but have never bought. I was just wondering about how big a gram of weed was. Is it like 1 or 2 nugs? Sorry, but I don't want to get ripped off.
  2. Hmm, it all depends on how fluffy the buds are. Save yourself the headache, and invest in a small pocket scale. You can find them for 25$ and then you'll know exactly what your getting every time, no ever getting ripped off.
  3. This.

    Weight depends on density as well as how many stems/seeds there are, and nugs come in all different sizes. Even if you posted a picture it'd still be hard to tell. Pocket scale all the way.
  4. Agreed on the pocket scale investment. However, ask yourself what you'd do if you got ripped off. Not everybody has a nice friendly hookup. Atleast the scale will tell you if you need a new hookup.
  5. get your scale at I got mine for like $4 and does the job fine.
  6. A gram should be bigger than an American Quarter.

    You can get a 1 gram nug, or a bunch of small nugs. Theres no way to tell exactly how much you have unless you got a scale.

    But i will give you a good tip to judge. If your man has dimes(.5g) and dubs(1g)( not every dealer does this, but around me its like that). Get a .5 bag and double that would be a gram. Now everytime your buying a gram, you can tell if its more than a dime or not.

    Note: Prices and names vary from State to state. I live in NJ. And people sell dimebags for $10. And dubs for $20.
  7. using "nug" as a unit of weight isn't really a good idea. You can get your everyday .5 gram nugs, but i have personally held a 24 gram nug. One solid chunk

    but yeah, buy a scale. its wayy worth it
  8. You can't ask a question like this. Either post a picture with something to reference in it like a quarter or get a scale. I've seen a single nug be up to an ounce so you never know.
  9. yeah man sounds like you need to get a scale, or ask a real homie that has a gram see it

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