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1 gram

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weednoob, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Hey im new to weed in general and I was just wondering if anyone can show me a pic of 1 gram of weed?

    Also how much would you recommend putting in the bowl of a pipe?

    Also also the weed i hav is dark green and smells pretty bad! Is this good?

    Please dont make fun of me cos im new lol
  2. Sometimes you want your weed to smell super rank! Skunky and earthy mmmmm

    .3 to .5 should be enough to pack your bowl with for sure!

    Heres a photo reference for about 1 gram (the amount in my hand):

  3. It really all depends on a couple of factors

    1) You dealer - Is he sketchy? if he is he might short you a little or alot.

    2) Marijuana Enviroment: Was it grown out doors? hydroponically indoors? Some bud thats ive gotten was very fluffly and i could have sworn i easily got more than a gram but it weight out just right. other times i looked and it seemed short but the buds are really dense which made it seem like it was less
  4. There is no set size for bud weight, every strain is different.
  5. take about half and put it in the bowl.

    and if it is dark and smelly, it's prolly good. you'll be able to tell when you hit it.
  6. You want a noob to pack a half g bowl to himself?

    He'll be on the 4th level, haha.

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