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1/8th pickup.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RyannDanks, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. dude I am not going to accept anything, what are you a psychiatrist?

    Dude no way in hell thats an eighth, if that's an eighth, then I am big foot
  2. sup BIGGGGGFOOOOOT :wave:
  3. hah, this. stop trollin'

  4. Kid do you even know what a troll is? I'm not a troll, saying that that isn't an eighth, is saying that it isn't an eighth...I mean if you believe you didn't get ripped off cool.. I personally don't care...but it isn't an eighth..I know what an eighth looks like...
  5. Looks like the kryp i get at florida good stuff..

  6. holy shit we get the same stuff

  7. Cause you can eyeball 3.5 grams in a picture you didn't even take :rolleyes:

  8. no. But he put a lighter to it...oh and I have seen plenty eighths in my yeah, I can eyeball an ounce..Not that has to do with anything buddy
  9. this thread is full of "just bullshit"....

    that is one sick nug my friend, i love getting huge nugs in 1/8ths
  10. #30 VT_killah, Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 12, 2010
    just b/c there's a lighter doesn't mean your eyes can calculate density, get over yourself no one's that exact. The OP said it weighed out, proving you don't know what you're talking about. If you really think you know better from looking at pictures than the OP who said he saw it scaled out in front of him then you're ridiculously arrogant

  11. lol yall are so butthurt go cry about it :cry:
  12. I picked up something very similar to that. Is yours more fluffy and leafy than dense? I will post a pic of mine in a minute and post the link.
  13. ^ ohh no it wasnt. That was a gram, and the pics do no justice from a 2mp blackberry camera. It looked very similar to the OPs' bud. But none the less i deleted that thread. I hated the pics and am going to start taking hq pics with a camera, on my pickups... coming soon. LOL

  14. lol aight man i see the maturity now i get where the arrogance comes from, enjoy highschool it'll b over before you know it ;)

  15. Terrible manicure, but it has trichomes, at least it was a healthy plant.

  16. LOL i'm 21 a sophomore in college...but thanks for your worthless 2 cents thanks tho :laughing: have fun with your untrimmed 1 gram eighths...

  17. "lol yall are so butthurt go cry about it "
    "I have seen plenty eighths in my yeah, I can eyeball an ounce.."

    Sounds more like a kid than an adult to me. But hey, thats just my worthless 2 cents.

  18. when eight kids. over a picture. that clearly doesn't look anything resembling an eighth all group together and throw pity shots at you. Sure, that post may come off as a little childish. But the fact of the matter is theey are all mad about it.And I find it hilarious. Thats my 2 cents take it or leave it. Just saying.:rolleyes:

    And i can eyeball an ounce, it's alot different than a nug compared to a lighter that wasn't near as big as the size of the lighter..


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