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1/8th pickup.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RyannDanks, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. of dank.. super hairy, dense, sticky as hell, and really crystally but of course, I don't have a camera that can really show it. :) and KEEP IN MIND that I have a tall lighter, not a short one, so don't let that fool you and make you go OMG THATS A SMALL NUG or something. thanks.

  2. Whys that nug so small bro ;)
  3. Can't tell if it needs a curing, or if it's just mad dank.

    Either way, that is some tastey looking bud. :D
  4. Did you weigh that out..?
  5. its daankk. :}

    livefreeley: :cool:

    yes i watched it get weighed out.
  6. it looks like theres a dandilion in it
  7. Well I can be the bearer of bad news, but that bud wasn't cured and looks like it was barely dried...hence why it's so sticky and weights out to tbe an eighth when it looks airy

  8. I definitely agree with this, I was going to post something similar but I just get flamed.
  9. nice nug, but no way that's an eighth.. a eighth is 3.5
  10. I've bought slices (Scaled out in front of me by my boy) that were just big popcorn nugs like the OP's. You'd be surprised at how dense that nug could really be...

    He said he saw it get scaled out right infront of him, too.
  11. thats a pretty big dense looking bud, but it only weights 3.5 cuz it looks wet.
  12. This. and yeah it deffinitely wasn't cured 100% right, but it still smoked fine, and i've gotten nugs just like this, size and everything that has been cured, that weighed out fine. So stop telling me it's not an eighth, and i'm WELL AWARE and eighth is 3.5. >.<
  13. But the nug looks small and fluffy dewd....hahaha ok I'll stop now. Looks good to me.
  14. lol thanks :)
  15. looks fire just needs a trim
  16. Thanks :) and yeah it was fresh from a grower.
  17. that just needs a trim.these peeoplw who trim get greedy and they wanna keep the weight of the bigger outer leaves. Its funny because i think they actually cut their prices when people see it doesnt look so great as a result. let the dankness show and its so much better on all fronts.
  18. This is true.
  19. Dude until I see that same nug on a scale weighing in at 3.5 I won't believe that, and somebody prolly just dipped it in water to weigh that much i am not hating it looks good...

    But like...Dude..I have had dense nugs that bud does not look dense it looks fluff, dense bud is usually compressed a little bit...
  20. Dude, he saw the bag weighed out, and if it was soaked in water it would be PRETTY easy to tell. Just accept the fact that he got a slice

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