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1/8th of dank pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by RyannDanks, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Okay, i'm not sure if this is an entire eighth, I would say it is cause it looks really dense and fat, and my guy hasn't ripped me off before.. it smokes great and is amazing as always, but what do you guys think? I usualy get a bunch of small nugs.:confused_2:
  2. pics much?
  3. I forgot I didn't upload them. haha:smoke:
  4. no that's only like 1.5 two at most

    how much was it?
  5. 1.6 of good mids on a good day.

    EDIT: Eh... big nug... 2.2?
  6. huh? and idk what it is.
  7. even when it's super dense? :/ and it was 60$ for an 'eighth' <-- now in quotations because IDK if it's an eighth.:confused:
  8. That's not an eighth homie. Unless it's rock weed. Which in any case you got ripped off.

    EDIT: and never ever pay 60 bucks for an eighth bro!!!!!
  9. i bought a 1/8th befor too and was like that. just one super dense nug. it didnt look like an 1/8th but i weighed it out and was on the dot. my nug we probably even smaller than that with hardly any stem.
  10. HAHAHA at replies in this thread. If that nug is super dense it might weigh about 3 grams...and there is no way that is mid looks like some heads just not that great of pictures.
  11. People saying that is 1.5 are obvoiusly blind. That look's about right.. Maybe a lil bit short, but not by much.
  12. prices down here suck haha :/

    Mt eden: nice name, good dubstep haha, but yeah i agree..

    Nestacle: yeah, its super dense and it's great dank. I don't have superhuman cameras like everyone else

  13. looks str8 to me :) but 60 dollars is 2 fucking much lol add 27 bucks on that and thats how much i pay for 10 grams of dankness no lie
  14. No one cares what you pay.

    Looks straight, maybe a bit under .2-.3
  15. definitely looks legit if its a dense nug. and your not getting ripped off THAT bad. about the same price here.
  16. Idk, seems almost right to me. Besides, why would he put that little nug on the side? Normally thats the extra pinch to make it an even weight, but who knows, maybe he's trying reverse psychology. But really man, there's no sure way of telling unless you see the scale. :cool:
  17. Yeah that region of the U.S. tends to pay more for there bud. But hey, it's DEFINITELY quality over quantity. If you got a one hitter quitter, it'll last you longer than a $20 eighth of schwag.
  18. Gtfo with that negative shit man forreal

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