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1/8 pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Drybananna, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Sorry, Im still apprenticey.
    What quality is it?

    And because Im always paranoid about the weight despite seeing it on the scale, does it look about an 1/8?

    It has hairs on it, looks legit, I hope. 60$ for it, he said it was dank as hell, so I hope this new guy isn't lying. Sorry for ground up.

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  2. that looks in no way an 1/8 unless their super heavy buds. I got some buds that were heavy as hell and it looked like I got 1/4 but I only got an 1/8
  3. this new guy isn't lying after all. It does look roughly around 1/8 and $60 is a good price for that much. Hope u enjoy ur smoke!
  4. whats broken up deffinately does not look like an 1/8.
    it does look pretty good though, and if you feel it off a hit or two its worth 60 for the 1/8.

    your from the burg/o.p. area right? my sister lives out there and is bringing me some tonight, ill laugh if i end up with the same stuff.
  5. looks like some very nice green but its hard to tell how much there is without a size comparison.
  6. @Theherbhunt: Yeah, I was really suspicious. Didn't look like an 1/8, but he weighed it. I need to chill my paranoia.

    @budhead: That's reassuring, yo thanks Budhead. :)

    @Wicked: Ahaha yeah Im from op/midburg. That'd be crazy.

    EDIT: SHIT. Forgot all about size comparison, sorry.
  7. Doesn't look like 3.5g's. Although the bud looks pretty decent. I'm not liking the fact that its partially bidded up though.

    Next time you buy from him ask him to scale it out in front of you for extra protection. ;)
  8. Im confused... That hardly looks like anything I wouldn't pay 20 dollars for that. looks like 1g. maybe Im seeing it wrong
  9. wow the hell are you in fl? your gettin ripped that looks like a blunt to me no way thats a 1/8th did you see it on the scale? i suggest you invest in a scale if anything but it looks like decent bud
  10. Touche to FL 420 that looks like .05g to me...

    You said you weighed it though right? its deff. 3.5 grams?

    Plants don't weigh much and if you took the stems out it doesn't count. The plant is never sold broken up unless the dealer is dumb lol.
  11. BTW here in Orlando an 1/8 of skunk is worth $50 bucks.

    Whoever sells you an 1/8 for sixty bucks is an ass... you only buy from those ppl if its completely dry. (which is rare)
  12. cant tell without a size comparison....looks like bits not nugs
  13. Looks like about a half gram of some fire. Throw a quarter in for reference to be sure though.
  14. It look's pretty good, do you have any pictures of it not ground up?
  15. If you saw him weigh it then whats the problem?
  16. not a 8th lol...
  17. That's about a gram, no way it's 3.5. Maybe 1.5, but if you saw him weigh it then hey.

    But shake isn't worth 60$ an eighth. You should be buying top shelf stuff for 60.

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