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1/8 of kush..check it out..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eddiekb8, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Got an 1/ smoke out before the ice cube concert....iam going to be chilling...take a blizzy inside...blaze it up...

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  2. cant see shit haha but have fun gettin blazzed at that concert
  3. hahahah
    sounds like u will have fun
  4. Nice stuff!
    I was just at an Ice Cube concert about 1 month was so hot boxed! Everyone there was blazing....but Ice Cube and his crew didnt blaze :(
  5. Can't see anything, try using the macro mode on your camera or something. If it's kush though that's awesome, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
  6. Haha dude you need to go to a cyprus hill concert. I don't really like their music but shit they're chill and toke it up on stage.
  7. yeah..your right ice cube was not blazing..but kurupt, wc, ludacris, and snoop where was all was fucking hot...
  8. Kottonmouth Kings shows are always a hotbox too
  9. I downloaded a vids off of bearshare its back when snoop was on the UP In Smoke Tour man ol man watch that vid and you know why they call it up in smoke
  10. That looks like a ball of dank man, lol.

    I went to the Eminem 'Anger Management 3' concert last year in the beginning of August and the whole fucking crowd was smoking blunts. I don't know how they got it past security but I never seen my eyes that red before - even when I bake myself out. Haha, fucking Lloyd Banks was smoking a blunt of our reefer on stage and was like, "Palm Beach got some good weed!" - in front of like 3 dozen cops across from him too.

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