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1,500 Assholish posts and still not banned

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RuseOfMetacarpi, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Well GC, Ruse is 1,500 posts old today, and I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who make GC what it is.

    Floydian, KSR, Cottons, Junkie, Hempress, Spaz, Shalom, Big, RM, Suburban, Bliz, Tokin' Blue and everyone that I forgot about.

    I've learned a lot from posting here and had many a good laugh plus an excuse to stay up all night. I consider GC my myspace and love every second that I spend here. Thanks for being amazing people and keeping me entertained.


    keep blazin', blades.
  2. fasho GC's tha place to go to pass the time.
  3. I'm lingering around 30 and have already learned a lot :) Wonder how much different it'll be for me a year from now :)
  4. Yea I'm gettin up there, i havent even looked at my post count for a loooong time until now
  5. Congrats on 1,500! i'll smoke a bowl for you. :bongin:
  6. posting to check =P
  7. ive been here since jan 05.. wow thats a long time coming on 3 years
  8. it says u joined on july 2007 0.o
  9. why isint this asshole banned yet?
  10. Same here man
  11. I've never seen him troll at all. Grats on the 1500. +rep for being an asshole (**Sarcasm**) lol

  12. it would say that, i had a previous account :rolleyes:

  13. Who's fasho?
  14. Congrats on the 1500 posts. :D

    Oh yeah, and a special LOL for PURPSbytheP. LOL
  15. Just for you, Hempy; LOL.

    Hey, good job hanging in there buddy, you've just entered third gear.. it's a smooth ride after this.

  16. I'll smoke to that Ruse :smoke:

    congrats on 1,500 ya asshole
  17. haha thanks for the rep and replies guys
  18. Damn, congrats on the 1,500....i haven't even broken 800 and i've learned soo much over the time i've been here, had quite a few laughs and chats with people.....I see GC as myspace too, so i feel ya on that one!!
  19. Bumping this for 2,000 :)

    and, depending on this DT that I'll be taking in the next hour or so, I can smoke tomorrow after more than a month of sobriety!

    except for alcohol, but that doesn't count because it's boring.

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