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1.5 Million Dollar Planetarium

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HyEbrid, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Psh...

    I was supposed to go in 3rd grade but I didn't.
    The field trip before was the museum and in the
    museum I was standing next to two boys, Mike
    and Steven. Mike and Steven thought it'd be
    funny to pull the little tabs on their plastic bags
    off and throw them over the railing into the
    exhibit below.

    Since I was standing in the middle of them, the
    museum person thought it was me. Mike and Steven
    stayed silent, never said a word. So I got in trouble
    and I wasn't able to go on the next field trip which
    was....drumroll...the planterium.

    So while my whole class went, I sat, alone, in a room
    to write all fucking day "I will not misbehave while on
    a field trip."

    Long story short...FUCK YOU MIKE AND STEVEN.
    :mad: Both of you have never been forgiven.
    Plastic ripping off, blaming it on a girl who was your
    god damn basketball TEAMMATE...ASSHOLES!!!

    Whatever, I'm gonna go to a better planterium...bitches!

  2. I'll try. I have a touch screen phone and it's a dark room....I'll see what I can do.
  3. I love this response!:D I was not expecting the story to go along with it.

    I bet you're much better off these days then Mike and Steven.

  4. Lol!!
    "and they probably forgot all about it"
    my bf says...

    Well if I see them one day, I'll make sure
    they uh...plastic tabs to
    the face. That's lame. Lol. :p

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