1.5 Million Dollar Planetarium

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  1. So yesterday was my first day back to college for the Spring quarter and I am taking a BS Astronomy class that the teacher claims is really an astrophysics class...whatever...to the point:

    The teacher takes us to our schools brand new state of the art planetarium that NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab uses on a weekly basis to plan missions and discuss stuff. I walked in and my jaw dropped when I saw this place. It had Recaro seats that fold down with the teacher's push of a button. Next thing I know I'm flying through space and time looking at the ceiling of this place. Next Tuesday I'm going to smoke and come back with a detailed report.

    Here's my school's advertisement of the facility:
    \t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t
    The GCC Planetarium is an all digital (computer driven) full dome theater, developed by Sky-Skan®, Inc. with:​

    • Both 2D and 3D "live" digital star fields using DigitalSky 2® and Digital Universe 2®.​
    • Full-dome video or "movies" are presented via SkyVision®.
    • Plus, a fully computer controlled 5.1 surround sound system and automated high intensity LED lighting.
    • We present all of our shows on a custom built 30 foot diameter dome.
    • We seat 48 patrons in power reclinable seats built by Recaro.
    • For a personal touch, all shows are presented by a live narrator allowing audience Q&A.
    • Our basic shows up to 50 minutes, but longer shows are available by special request.
    • Guided photo tour of our dome available.

    Oh man I can't wait to smoke some bud and just sit there. :smoke:
  2. wow man, that sounds awesome..and i thought it was cool to smoke a blunt on the way to my astronomy telescope labs :rolleyes:
  3. Sweet deal man:smoke:. Make sure to take advantage of all those extras that are offered through college. You'll never get to hit up as many free/half price events ever again
  4. If you're in the LA area hit me up and I'll let you know when this is going down. There should be some room and nobody would say anything.


    Oh man I know! When I was in the Marines I'd use the military discount all the time...now I'm using my college discount everywhere hahaha.
  5. I've never been to a Planetarium.
    This might be worth going to...
  6. I went there for a field trip in 5th grade :D

  7. You've never gone?:confused: This is shocking. I've gone for so many different reasons. Learning the constellation nights, school trips, Pink Floyd Laser Shows, 80's Laser Rock, and some kind of NASA presentation. You should seriously make a trip :D

  8. This sounds like Griffith Observatory in LA
  9. Close! No it's at Glendale Community College in LA County.
  10. That sounds like an absolute blast - I have a friend who used to work at a planetarium in Hartford's childrens museum place, the shows are a blast.
  11. shit sound awesome. Ive been waiting for sometning else since they closed down Laser Floyd.
  12. Hah thanks! Only in a marijuana related forums would this post ever be cool or interesting. :rolleyes:

    I have class today but it's not in the planetarium...I'll see if I can sneak in and take pictures :D
  13. Man that sounds badass

    One time in secondary school they brought this igloo / tent thing in once where you all went inside in the dark, had a projector / planetarium thing set up in it. The guy running it got us all to focus on the ceiling then he span the projector round so everything started moving, was disorientating as fuck I literally felt like I was being tossed around / on a roller-coaster since my perception was fucked.

    was the tits :cool::smoke:
  14. So you fully understand where I'm coming from....I can't wait to blaze before Tuesday's class and fly through space!:eek:
    I should bring my ipod and put "rocket man" on loop hahahahaha
  15. I think what your talking about is Hogwarts not a nasa planetarium
  16. LMFAO! :smoke: Does seem pretty magical...but I assure you it's all muggle built!

  17. Bro, Im In The So Cal Area. Wassup with it :smoke:
  18. make a video
  19. I'm thinking that next semester this class will be full. There will be 48 tokers sitting there stoned enjoying the show. Professor won't be able figure out why attendance is always 100%. Enjoy the shows.

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