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1/4oz Sour Diesel pick up *DANK* macros

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grimtoker, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. God damn thats some dank..
  2. i can smell the sour from here. looks distinct to the last batch i had months ago :) happy smoking!
  3. God Damn that shit looks tasty!!!
  4. Smokes like heaven... You don't really get the flavor until you exhale, but its very smooth.
  5. That's some great looking bud.
  6. how much you pick up the quarter for?
  7. 80 bucks. Hella cheap for around here.
  8. mmm looks so tasty:hello:
  9. wha 80$
  10. Damn... im practically begging for $80/q prices over here again... im paying 90/q lately cause my buddy can only get more expensive shop bud and has to charge that much (he pays 70/q, 120-140/half i think, and 240-250/oz)

  11. Aren't those shops supposed to be non profit? Selling ounces for $250 adds up quick.. I know they are making bank..
  12. yeah but they only deliver now so i think he is getting taxed for that... so im not sure what his prices are... i think he's getting a half oz for $140.
  13. yup looks like my plant.

    Great pick up, makes me excited to harvest!

  14. Yes indeed some are exploiting and making bank for sure. The ones I've ever used have donation prices setup for patients who are obtaining meds and those who are dropping off meds.. yes dropping off.

    A lot of people have overages or want to get rid of extras.

    I have the option of a quick $175 for dropping off a zip at the club i use.

    In fact, the two owners of this particular shop only have 2 of their own strains in there and usually around an ounce only - They do this to INSURE overhead is paid.

    So while some are making money off their own grows big time (and imo they need to be dealt with) other shops just do what they can. They are risking some serious federal prison time should the feds come knocking in order to provide to patients.

    A lot (at least that i know of around here) are great people with warm open hearts.

    The less then legit op's ran by thugs and criminals..yea they suck for sure. But not all are like that man :)
  15. 80/q is what I pay as well but it took 3 years to get here and honestly its not as cheap as it should be

    Dank sour though, havent had that strain in a year, literally. Makes me sad haha, I love the diesel smell :)
  16. i can taste the sour over here
  17. That would be cheap from where I'm from as well for dank cut like that
  18. That shit looks niiiiiiice

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