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1/4 OZ "Super Kush" Pickup *No 56k*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NorwegianMafia, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Picked up a quarter nug of this a couple days ago from a friend who is very reliable when it comes to strains. He says Super Kush is "Hindu Kush x NL #5". Definitely not grown to perfection but the genetics have potential. Paid $100 for the quarter.

    Overall: B+

    Looks: Leafy and lots of amber trichs. A little more flowering time would have helped. Got my quarter in a single nug so I only have one specimen to deal with.

    Smell: It has a really strong aroma that is hard to put my finger on, not as Kushy as I'm used to. Strangely fruity when ground up.

    Taste: Not as flavorful as the smell would lead one to believe. Could barely taste the Kush.

    Smoked a lot of the nug as you can tell but here is what is left.

    P.S. Sorry my shitty camera can't do macros.
  2. Nice Pickup
    But I heard superkush's genetics are different that what youve listed...
  3. Thanks for the comment, a couple snaps has got me zooted.

    B.C. Seed Co. has them listed as what my dealer said but I've also heard on The Garden's Cure that it is Skunk x Afghani. Either way its a pretty mild indica, the Kush name is somewhat of a misnomer.
  4. why are there parts missing off that nug?:rolleyes:
  5. Well the bottom is missing because I smoked it, Smoking>Photography.

    The carnage at the top is due to my dumbass dropping the bag as I got into my car.
  6. I'm bored so here is some milk, my buddy took the picture a little early but oh well.

  7. [quote name='NorwegianMafia']Well the bottom is missing because I smoked it, Smoking>Photography.


    relax man im just fuckin witcha nice nug
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Didn't mean for it to be offensive, so it's all good. :bongin:
  9. no offense taken enjoy your weed fine sir im about to enjoy mine
  10. looks frosty but looks like it would smoke harsh....nice sig pic lol. why not get the audi s4 :D...i prefer speed...ima speed fien
  11. Its pretty smooth actually, the Hashplant I had before this was way harsher.

    I got the A5 because I really wanted the S5 but it was pretty pricey off the lot and the insurance on the thing was absolutely fucking insane. It's still got the S-line package and some Stasis parts on it so its pretty sporty nonetheless.
  12. i pay 50 for a 1/4 of the same shit
  13. Looks like its on timer lol

  14. That just looks like some K-Bud..

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