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1/4 of an ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iwantsalvia, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. some guy i work with told me that he sells dimes and 1/4 for 40. is that a good price for an 40? even if its not that good of bud
  2. Not bad if it's decent. Mids are a standard $50 in my area for a quarter.
  3. As long as it isn't schwag.
  4. A quarter for forty? That sounds a too cheap (here in the bay area we get a quarter of high grade bud for 80-100) to be true, but I'd take him upon the offer. Low quality weed is the best for blunts :smoke:
  5. a quarter here is 60-70 depending where you go but almost all the bud around here is mids, i live in a secluded area where the traffic goes through and rarely leaches into the community.
  6. if your buying it for 40 its gonna be just regular old mids, but it'll still get you high. buy it.
  7. plz make sure its not shwag before handing over the cash
  8. 40/quarter is standard for mids kind of

    The quality that you should be expecting depends mostly on where you are.
  9. thats like paying 160 for an ounce, that is good. as long as its good middies, dont complain. Do complain if theres alot of seeds and stems.

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