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1.4 before my 1/2 O

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dog's Life, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Ok so i needed some bud to hold me out until i could afford my half. I almost always buy a half or a quarter but this time i needed a little bit. So my boy fronted me 1.4 of my half im going to be gettin on wednesday becuase weve been down for quite sum time so he had no problem with that

    anyways heres the pictures




    So what do you guys think? the other half will either be this or if i wanna pick outta his different crop which i might get the other crop becuase he says its better so either way it is gunna be bomb quality.

    Neways what do you guys think?
  2. nice man...1.4 is a weird number...why not just a half track
  3. Goddamn, this board me getting some awesome dank!
  4. lol cuz he hooks it up and just calls that a gram.

    he hooks up major like a 1/4 ounce is ussually 9 or 10 grams.

    so he was like ill just front u a gram and low and behold it was 1.4 lol
  5. I feel like shaking off all those crystals and busting lines with them. Haha.
  6. true he prob just grabbed a bud that looked it...thats tight man my guy hooks it up a few bowls each bag but hardly ever over a .6 on smaller bags 1/8-1/4 and 1-1.5g on like a zone...u got good connect man what do you pay for the fat 1/4 and half
  7. 90 bucks a fat quarter

    160 bucks a fat half

    and we always smoke a bowl or two of his own stash no matter how much or little i buy from him
  8. 90 bucks a quarter? I get a fat quarter for $50-60
  9. Same ehre man, I get a NICE quarter of the local dealers weed for 50 dollars, I get a half O for 80.
  10. Hey man sounds like you gotta nice little hookup.
  11. That .4 is probably from that big ass stem haha.
  12. round here u gotta know lots of people to get real bomb shit and a normal quarter is bout 100 and i get my fat quarters for 90 so i get it good for vegas
  13. haha, that's funny. until you posted that my thought process behind it was that since you usually buy a half, and that's 14 grams, he gave you 1.4. exactly 1/10th of your purchase.
  14. Looks real good from here man, I love the way he hooks you up that is cool as shit. JOE>
  15. Nah, stems don't weigh that much. Probably more like .25ish
  16. not even .25 mang
  17. how much would u guys pay for a gram? on average
  18. $10-15 per gram over here in Oregon, assuming you are buying only one gram.

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