1/3 phenos drooping... maybe got too dry??

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Healingfields, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. [​IMG] the humidity in my room has been super low lately I feel like it has something to do with this.

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  2. No till set up ph is fine temps seem to be fine air circulation is good the room is clean n sealed also I don't know a ton about co2 in a no till set up but I have a co2 generator and the room is at 1000 ppm

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  3. They generally droop when too dry or too way. The way you know.......is by lifting the containers they're growing in. If they feel light as a feather....time to water. If you feel any weight....put them back down. Over watering is the biggest killer of plants by new growers. Never EVER water until the plant used the last you gave it...unless you want root rot. LOL Your plants are over fertilized....by what I can tell in the pics. Nutes are nothing more than plant food and you can pour them in till the cows come home if you want, but unless you have enough light to flower all those plants you've got going there, it's not going to help much. Each plant in flower needs the same high wattage/high quality light and it as close as possible to the plant. You should never be forced to raise a light source just to cover more plants since that robs ALL plants of needed light. LIGHT is the key to the indoor grow and getting a decent harvest from each plant. Nutes just feed a hungry plant or are used to boost growth. If you're not letting your plants dry out enough before watering, change that habit. And if you're letting them get so dry that they're drooping...give them some water. Back off the nutes. A healthy MJ plant is a nice rich/blue green (foliage). Dark dark green leaves are from too much nitrogen. A plant that is getting hungry will be a washed out yellowish color instead of the rich blue green. The plant will always tell you when there is a problem and what the problem is. You, as the grower, have to become experienced or informed enough to see what's happening and know how to fix it. But....and a good thing...the more you grow, the better you get at it. The learning curve is HUGE for a new grower who has no background at all in indoor growing and it generally takes everybody some time to figure it all out. Charge on. You'll be fine. TWW
  4. I haven't really fed any nutes and they were fine before and my lights have to be a little ways up for heat reasons they're all DE. I think they must be stressin because I dried em out on purpose a week ago because of fungus gnats but those don't seem to be much of an issue now. I also am hoping it's just the genetics of that pheno because they're clones from a mother I didn't flower yet and I also used different methods on the momma. I gifted the mom to a friend who put her outside so well see how that one does..

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