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1,200 For a O!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FormerlyBlank, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Dude was trying to sell me a O for 1,200$ I told him to stop fucking with me, assuming he was trying to rip me off. But (heres my question) im pretty sure he was serious now. Its hard to explain, but i think he was. Is there weed THAT good? Or am i just a dumbass? He says he doesnt fuck with commersh. If he was trying to rip me off, why would he name such a absurd amount, why didnt he make it more believable? Thanks
  2. No prob man i know i was asking for it. =]
  3. in the cannabible 3 they say the pure kush has gone for easily over $1000 an oz. the author said he bought a half 8th for $65 from a friend.
  4. he was trying to get over
  5. Um if the weed pleasured you orally and let you see into the future i'd say it was a good deal.
  6. Thats what im talking about, my acquaintance that told me about him said he sells to parents, people that can afford "the best"
  7. $900 an ounce is the most I've seen shit go for legitly.
  8. #8 chronicman00, Aug 17, 2008
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    maybe if it was dipped in hash oil and then dipped in finely ground up budder.
  9. mm sounds yummy
  10. You get a +rep for that man
  11. yea people get shit off for like 850 around here at the most for an o. but i still believe that economy is fucked.
  12. Nothing goes for more than 450 around here.

    Any strain you want. Hell you could pick your strain and give a few growers around here the money beforehand and in 4 months, you have a few ounces of what you picked.

    People paying anything in excess of $500 are getting price ripped because of your area.
  13. I wont believe this 1000$ stuff until I see a picture..
  14. I live in michigan, most I have ever heard of an ounce was 700, my friend bought a half o for 350, claimed to be kush from california. said it was the best shit he's had in a quick minute.
  15. and if produces said picture. I will say its worth $500.

    Your buddy got ripped. I live in Indiana. Nothing should ever ever ever cross the 450 line.

    I would pay 350 for an Oz of Kush at most. Legit O.G. Kush.
  16. If you live in oklahoma and he was pushing some kind of haze with a super long flowering time, then it MIGHT be legit.

    Why is everyone so psyched about kush, anyway? Woohoo! It's an easy to grow, high-yielding, resinous plant. Yay. It'll get you stoned, but I don't think it's anything to be excited about.

    The first few times I smoked, I smoked some AWESOME mostly sativa plant and got hooked. Kush just makes me feel stupid.

    anyway, sorry for rambling. Tell me where you live and what strain it is, then I'll tell you if he's full of shit.
  17. the most i have ever heard of is 600 an ounce and i live in indiana...the reason it was so expensive was that it was some disensary shit straight from cali,

    i still told the guy to suck my dick. i will never pay more than 300 an ounce wether the weed is worth it or not.
  18. i remember reading somewhere about this brand new strand of weed that went for $1,200 an oz.
    probably a slim chance that its the same stuff, but who knows
  19. $1,200, fuck that. I can get 6 o's of kill with that..
  20. AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHA! This whole thread is pretty funny.

    I feel sorry for anyone paying these crazy prices... In Toronto you can get the BOMBEST BOMBEST BOMBEST BOMBEST BOMBEST weed... the type of shit that sends you into outer space with one puff for $250 an ounce and kind buds for $170.

    That's Canadian dollars too.

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