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1/2 pound of some Florida krippy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by HappyMeal, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Can I get an ounce?
  2. 275/O in Florida? Done, done, and done.
  3. lol @ naked barbie
  4. How much do you pay for half a pound!? And is that all for personal use!?
  5. south florida represent
  6. lil lite fluff but ayo, for what ur charging a zip, i bet ur 1/2 ran u a great price, nice grab tho ya dig, stay slammd like me, keep it like I and keep ur mouth shut and ur trap open
  7. yea why is that happening by the way OP lol :confused::confused:

  8. Ah yes naked barbie, the tell tale sign of a pot crazed serial killer from Florida.
  9. She has sex hair, isn't it obvious whats going on :ey:. Nice green OP.
  10. Can I get some nug shots?
    I'm also wondering what part of Fl, price is a little under what I know.
  11. nice buds yo! im from the 727 and we get really nice weed up here. how much did it run you?

  12. i heard the 727 has schwag
  13. You heard right. Unless your near Tampa/Clearwater. Even then it's hard.

    Nobody knows how to harvest and cure properly. Everything around here will put you to sleep in no time. Some people might be in to that but I've been dying for a nice heady sativa. I like my smoke to wake me up!

  14. For a pound 3 grand, half is 1500
  15. not bad looking but i still wonder what the hell is krippy really?i think its just some shit that no one knows what it is but it a step above mids.
  16. Oh my God...
  17. I spend the same amount on a qp as you do on a hp..fml
  18. Way to represent florida, NOT. Way to make us look bad with that dirt schwag. Did you grow that yourself? It's some garbage ass weed, I've seen better weed from 8th grade girls in Mexico.

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