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1/2 oz Sweet Island Skunk pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by jahkush, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Title says it all. Pictures show it all.



    Smells more sweet than skunky. But it's gorgeous for an 80 dollar half.
  2. Dude that was 80 bucks?:eek:

    Where in Ontario you live man? Never thought prices out east would beat ours here in BC. That shit looks incredible for that price.:D

    I mean I pay 100 for a half that looks like that and even that is a really good deal compared to what most people pay for dank.:smoke:
  3. Dammmmnnnnnnn

  4. Ottawa.

    I could have gotten White Widow for 90-100 but my buddy completely fucked off. I'm pretty happy with this stuff though.
  5. Yea damn dude that looks killer! 80 a half?? That's crazy. Here in ohio where im from most people don't even wanna sell halfs and if they do its around 175-200 dollars!! Damn just another reason i wanna move to canada soooo bad! Lol
  6. umm yeah.Fuckin sick.Nice pick up.
  7. Yeah dude it's even a good deal for around here. It really depends on the connection.. another one of my guys would only give me MAYBE 10 g's for 80 of purple kush. But I feel for you... that's damn expensive.

    p.s. your sig fucked my mind, im listening to celph right now.

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