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1/2 Gram Hash

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by weedness, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Picked this up yesterday for $45. Never smoked hash before so I can't wait till I smoke this.

  2. nice!

    cold water hash?
  3. You got a half a gram of hash for $45? you got ripped, grams of hash are usually 20-30
  4. Ive never smoked hash or anything like that but that just looks like compressed kief to me, I dunno if that would be considered hash or not

    it does look delicious though, id be down to smoke it
  5. Fuck the haters, enjoy your smoke.

  6. I was under the impression that schwag hash sold for around 40-50 a gram, and high quality shit went for around 80-100? Those are the prices that I've been hearing around here, but I was just thrilled to even find a hash connect cause I have been looking for one for ages. So yeah, I might have gotten ripped off, but I'm sure we've all have at one time or another;)
  7. people dont really make shwag hash
  8. I get my hash for dank prices; 50/100.
  9. you got ripped the fuck off.
    Hash isn't that special, but if you really want some make some shoe hash.

  10. I didnt mean anything by that, just trying to give you the heads up. I got ripped the first time I bought hash, the price was right but it was .3 under
  11. If you look up close in your high res. shot you can see a lot of green spots in it, thats plant material, which decreases the OVERALL potency of the hash in this case, you're buying. I learned to make mine from my buddy and the only hash I have ever smoked are mine and his haha, we both have spacecase grinders and save up a lot of kief...my friend saved up 4.2 grams of kief once to make a batch of hash out of that, it looked like one of those Airhead candies like size and shape but HASH :smoking:
  12. just so you know, cold water hash (the best hash)
    looks just like this once it has been dried and pressed.
  13. cold water is definitly not the best hash, and if it looks all chunky like that your not doing it right.
  14. what is the best then?

    and it obviously been lightly pressed aswell.
    but now that i look at it properly it just looks like keif and leaf pressed :confused:
  15. BHO is the best hash
  16. Reminded me of fruitcake.
    Tell us how it smokes.
  17. Like I said above it looks like pressed Kief, but its def from a grinder, good Kief is blonde, I think that was kieved out of a metal mesh instead of synthetic silk screen, which comes in different gauges but def is better than metal mesh like found in grinders
  18. 45$, wow man lol terribly ripped off... that would be a rip off any spot on the planet, even if you lived on an island by yourself, you could probably get it delivered cheaper than that. you payed like 30-35 extra $ for your pickup
  19. yeah this guy knows what he's talking about.
  20. rip off. 30 bucks for a gram of hash is the max. your good buy a quarter for 50(well i could) and make your own.

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