1:04 AM, Lil bit of mids, bored, help me zaz up the night!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Lotek-Rider, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. What should I do? Besides smoke the drug?
  2. Fixed.

    Take a bong/bowl to the dome: Write, read, listen to music, watch movies, enjoy.

    You know what makes you happy, so go for it.:wave:
  3. True. I do have eastbound season 1 and part of season 2. I kind of feel like doing something random though. Something I have never done at 1am???

    I already made a Tie Dye tshirt that im SO STOKED to wear tomorrow!
  4. There's a whole list of illegal things to have fun with, but I don't want you to be arrested.

    Go long boarding, it's good for the soul.
  5. hmmm... something you have never done at 1 am you say? How about blazing all of it down go to BK high as FUCK and start singing the drive through lady twinkle twinkle little star until she calls the cops or until they are serving breakfast :rolleyes:
  6. Long boarding would be sweet, but all the hills in my neighborhood are bumpy and full of cracks.
  7. go outside start a bon fire and have some friends over.
  8. go decapitate a hooker or two. Its good for your sooooouuuuul!:cry:
  9. go bowling or if in a big city go ride the metro erywhere..:smoke::smoke:night scenes the best of them seen from random routes...
  10. lmao thats funny shit
  11. I ended up going to sleep so I could carpe diem today. I think I will have a bonfire tonight. I really wish we had a metro system in my town. Late night train rides would be off the hook!

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