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1,000th post, PICS!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zalzal010, May 21, 2006.

  1. Well heres my first real milestone at the city, and I've been sittin on the 999th post until I could get my lazy ass to take some pictures. Well, we hit up an OLD connect and find out he's got a medical card now, so I figured now's a good time to do it.

    For all the blades, O.F.F.F's, and general stoners alike, I present to you these photos, cataloging what I've been up to all day.

    I'll get it rolling with my latest batch of nugs:

    First, start a bowlpack with some of this:

    put a few chunks of this ontop (thanks to the new connect with the medical card):

    get the glow rod to a nice amber (rest assured, the glowrod is NOT melting whatsoever. Propane torch ain't quite hot enough I reckon):

    and get ripped with an intense, pure hit:
  2. that glow rod is pretty cool!
  3. it looks like dripping glass, id be scared to drip some in my bowl haha, actually, i think tahts really cool lol. i like all the pics. congrats on the 1000th post!
  4. those are some nice buds...
  5. Nice buds man. I want a glow rod now.
  6. Hell yeah, i got to get me one of those! enjoy whats left of that bud.
  7. The glass rod is pretty sweet...rather classy....but uhm, just say no to Natty!!!
  8. does it get hot to hold?
  9. Dope dude
  10. fuckin awesome!
  11. More info on that glowrod please! Where'd ya get it?
  12. damn i want a glow rod

    and thats some nice dank
  13. congrats on the big 1,000 :bongin: to the next 1k

    real nice buds and i love the glow rod technique you are using.
  14. nice pics and the glowrod is awesome. +rep and cnograts on the 1k
  15. That's sick, you are AWESOME! Dangerous if you get really silly or careless when blazed. Hahaha. +rep
  16. followup for the glowrod oohs and aah's.

    They are found at most of the headshops around here. $20-25 generally. The flame is provided via those small Coleman propane tanks - $5 for a 2-pack at walmart. 60 seconds to get it from from a cold start, and as long as someone floats it over the flame between hits, there isn't a whole lot of waiting.

    the hits are immensely smoother than using a lighter. The difference is clear when you take a hit with a lighter after smoking with the wand all day.

    and yeah, its dangerous. Some minor burns and a few singes in the carpet have us all acting very safe during every sesh now. Not recommended for those with low tolerance. simply because you'll get too fucked up and you'll burn yourself or something else. the smoothness of the wand hits isn't worth a burned down house ya dig.
  17. that glow rod is fucking sick.

    now i'm going to have to search around for one, such a cool idea.

    and those are some nice looking nugs.
  18. natty light iz u kidding me

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