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1:00 pm just woke up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by briwes911, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. so dose that mean that ive wasted half a day? i dont see how.... i feel like i used it wisely by sleeping!!!!!
  2. i woke up at 1 too :(
  3. Sleep is always good, i wouldent really say you wasted the day unless you have shit to do that you cant get dont now, theres still plenty of day left b
  4. Its only 12:30 here, if that makes you feel better, go time zones! I used to hate sleepin in late, but i prefer the later part of the day anyway so it works because I still get shit done.
  5. lol I usually sleep all day and stay awake all night
  6. Yah i woke up ar 12 and its 1230 here
  7. yea its 12:32 here, i woke up about 15 mins ago and i am currently eating breakin-fast.


    Sleeping is always a good decision.
  8. yea i was up most of the night chatting on grasscity lol trying to go to sleep... the joys of life!!!
  9. i just woke up at 11, i feel its the perfect waking up time :D
  10. My friends mom woke me up from under his pool table this afternoon at like 12:30. I guess I overslept.
  11. On my days off I wake up at half 3. :smoking:
  12. i just woke up at 2 = D
  13. 11;09 here. time for a rise n stone :smoking:

    and a happy morning, to all.

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