08 Swamp Grow! (AK47,NL) ( Big pictures )

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    Well Long story became short:

    I had 23 plants starting. Since me and my partner split cause of police getting all in my business. So i decided only way is to plant in my old spot . In the swamps!

    Well i had to go on vacation i put my plants out in spot one of my swamp ( 1-2 hours of direct) i did not know this cause it was direct when i set out there and chilled. Well when i came back all but 13 were all dead cause of lack of water. newely Up potted and no light to do shit. So preety much they got strested to death. LOL

    Well after that i killed the weak and left 5 good plants. All and are in need of up potting As soon as humanly possibly. The roots were going into the dirt!

    I wanted to start my grow journal so i am a little late. But i will update Daily!

    My Location:

    let me just say i made the path 1/4 mile in a swamp. This path is protected by feilds and tree's of pricky shit animals do not even want to go in. Well i made a path that is only seen if you know its there. And it's only one way and everything in that swamp decides that is unwalkable since it's full of this grasss that puts pricker shit on you and cuts your arms all over. Not to meantion Nettles ( they suck major ass). Well my path is all edged furthest from the field ( way far ass in the country). It rocks!





    They were up potted the next day. Updating picture tomorrow!

    small pic of whole thing:

    My partner in Crime. At least i know he wont narc no matter what they try to do. Ha

  2. cool dawg...don't let him drink all the faygo next time ;) haha I love that stuff.
  3. im subscribed! keep us all updated an get those babies repotted an fertilized :smoke:
  4. Pulling up a chair for this one! Sucks about the dead plants but looks like you're optimism should help you pull through for the others! +rep to start off
  5. Also, see the bad boys with 9 leaves? Cool!

  6. i am not even sure why it does it. it's def female. maybe a mutant?

    All are flowering :)

    I am Up potting ASAP with my gardens soil with some peat moss. 3-5 gal buckets should really help.

    Also going to be fert.

    My Advicer told me to use half what stated on the back. So i am going to do so.

    Will post my fert and soil specs tomorrow since i am doing more pictures then.
  7. definately get the 5 gal buckets going, I know of a few that were outside in small pots like that and they didnt turn out to well, just stretched like crazy and didnt do much else.

    Did you start them inside? the couple I know of outdoor in our lovely state didnt do to well this year, and its gonna get cold out soon :(
  8. Ah... Michigan swamp bud. No finer bud than that my friend.

    Your babys are looking awesome man, it'll be amazing when she flowers!

    Oh which part of Michigan you in man?
    Say ya to da UP eh?

    Edit - Haha I just noticed the Faygo Peach bottle. I use a Faygo Rock n Rye bottle to water my plants, that's weird.
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    Not UP

    south Michigan :)

    And i love your grow as well :) Hopfully you can give me tips when we go more further in this journal .

    Yes we grew them inside first. They are only 1 1/2 months old outside. 3 weeks inside.
    I hope my plants do alot better cause i re potted today. They are already budding. should harvest by end of sept .

    Good news!

    Today i have decided that enough is enough. I got my lazy stoner ass up and got my garden upgraded! ( funny to say it that way, since i am super fucked up right now.lol )

    Anyways i Up Potted everything to 5 Gal buckets with swamp soil, pearllight and some other light, My mom recommended since the soil was so heavy. We mixed ina shitload and got that all set up.

    My favorite plant on my garden is the AK47. It had ants living in it but none on stem so i am not too worried, Yet.

    Not one bite on my plants, not even bugs even on my plant.
    and they have been outside for 2 months. Only 1 1/2 weeks in full area light. So give it 2-3 weeks and they will be monsters! The plants were so Hungry for food it aint even funny.

    The greatest part about my spot is you cannot see it intill your there. And it's virtually never going to be found. Ever!

    Also they were becoming so unwatered they were needed water everyday. and they would be dryer than shit. Since i was not bring water i was relying on swamp river. Now all dry. So i bring watar in this huge water thing. Use about 3/4 now instead of 1/2 like i was. Not even half if you ask me. Not to mention no fert expect swamp watar and in soil less. Yeah i know, LOL

    But good news is that Tomorrow i am going out and seeing if the soil is doing what i hope . "Good flow", cause i never used this kinda soil before. But it looks very promising. My Mom ( master Gardener, not weed)

    Said the soil is the shit and will not need to be fert for awhile since it will make my plants boom. Lets cross out fingers and hope it works out :)

    New pictures will be brought up tomorrow. Promise!

  10. Daaaamn, looking good bro. Even though I already saw these pictures on AIM. Can't wait for some new pics of the progress though, good shiiiiiit.

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