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  1. Hello everyone! :weed:
    My question for today is about growing marijuana -(60 DAY WONDER AUTO-FLOWERING) indoor.
    So usually i grow my marijuana plant (AK 47) outdoor in my garden since we live in countryside ...but recently i have gained interest into growing indoor..during the winter.
    So i have done a little bit of research and i found out that there are 3 diffrent light setups
    - Fluorescent Grow Lights
    -High Intensity Discharge (HID) Grow Lights
    - LED Grow Lights

    Now to the question..
    I have 6 seeds and i intend to germinate them when i actually have everything ready.
    so i found these light bulbs (Electrox 125w (2100K) Agro)
    So lets say i have 6 plants and how much bulbs do i actually need?
    Are these bulbs even good?
    After reading 20 pages and really trying to understand what i actually need.i realized at the end that i have no idea what should i even do...because i have no experience with indoor grow at all..and there are like hundreds of diffrent light bulbs there....

    I would be very happy if someone responds and guides me through this problem of mine.. :passing-joint:

    The picture of the light bulb is added.

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  2. Don't go the CFL route. Only setting yourself up to be disappointed. They are fine for veg but are very lacking come flower. The other thing to realize is 6 plants is a lot for a indoor grow. One 300w led (advertised no true watts) is about good for one plant. With led's it's all about light intensity to get dense buds so you start the led about 30" away
  3. And by the time you finish there 12" away. Sorry for the back to back posts, fat fingers workin a iPhone....
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    If you dig into the numbers on those different light setups they can really tell you most of what you need to know. You'll never be happy with bulbs for start to finish especially cfl. There are a few led bulbs that are actually pretty descent out there but they're more well suited for a very small micro grow not a 6 plant home setup for a few moderately smoking adults.

    If I were you I would forget the idea of using bulbs at all and concentrate on actual grow light fixtures. Growing is a lot of work. I spend a good 30min to an hour with my plants a day it seems. I spend longer then that at harvest trimming and curing. There's many many hours of work that go into a harvest. You also have all that anticipation for months. When you first get started it takes you about 4-5 months to actually smoke a bowl of perfectly cured bud you grew yourself. That is a long wait. Please don't disappoint yourself and the people who follow your thread by attempting like many thousands of people have done already and grow with bulbs.

    I have never seen a harvest grown with CFL bulbs that I would consider worth buying.

    CFLs are on the lowest end of the efficiency spectrum. Also with CFL the sweet spot in efficiency is those about 23 watt bulbs. They put out around 70 lumens per watt. That can make a decent veg setup for seedings and small plants. Once you start using higher power cfl's the efficiency goes down to around the 50-55 lumens per watt for the 150 watt cfl's and 40 lumens per watt for the 200 watt bulbs. That's actual watts not rated watts.

    Cannabis is a light hog in flower. It won't make proper flowers without intense light that's why grows flowered with cfl are disappointing small buds. Typical light level for bloom with hps is 50-70 watts per square foot. Most people will run a 600 watt hps in a 3x3 tent and a 1000 watt in a 4x4. That's 66.6 watts per square for the 600 and 62 watts per square for the 1000.

    A 600 watt hps bulb is capable of 96,000 lumens. That is 160 lumens per watt. Remember that a 150 watt cfl bulb is around 50 lumens per watt. The 600 watt hps is over 3 times as efficient at turning electricity into light.

    Lets say that you didn't want to flower with the 600 watt hps. You wanted to just use 150 watt CFL bulbs but you wanted to put the same light intensity in the 3x3 tent. It would take 1,800 watts of cfl bulbs in there to make the same amount of light. That shows you why flowering with cfl just isn't practical. No matter how many you have you'll overheat the grow room before you reach optimal light intensity for flower.

    Check out the couple of led threads on this page if you want more info on those. I posted a parts list for about the best 90 watt led veg light you could buy right now for $120 in the favorite led brands thread. That light is near 200lumens per watt. 300 watts of cfl couldn't replace one 90 watt led. When you start paying for the electric bill on many hundreds of watts of cfl you realize how wasteful they are. They aren't capable of growing better then about .25 grams per watt. Growing indoor is a bit of an investment in electricity for any significant space. That cost can vary wildly depending on your light setup. People have hit 1.5-1.9grams per watt with the best led light available. That's so far from .25 grams per watt cfl's should never even be considered IMO. People using HID think they are a god if they hit 1 gram per watt. That's over 2 pounds from a single 1000 watt light. Almost no HID growers can do that. Only the rare unicorn. Check out growmau5 on youtube. His last quantum board led harvest was 1.69 grams per watt and it had problems.

    There's also LEC light emitting ceramic or CMH ceramic metal halide. There's magnetic induction lights. There's more categories then your 3 but those are the basic 3 that are mostly used.

    T5HO fluorescent lights should be in their own category apart from CFL bulbs. The T5HO's are a very decent veg light and can be up to 100 lumens per watt like the led bulb below. Still with the price of quality led now only the old school people who are used to working with them are going t5 fixtures for veg now.

    A T5HO will finish out a plant a lot better then CFL. My buddy did one last year with an 8 bulb 4' t5 that was decent. It wasn't anywhere near the cola size on my plants though.
  5. Devo86 thank you for your reply;) the site where i actually found the bulb says its good for veg stage as for flowering..so i guess its another marketing scheme... so as much as i understand that "60 DAY WONDER AUTO-FLOWERING" grows about 2 months if under 24h light exposure...and i have no interest in the amount so growing 1 cannabis plant every 2-3 months is good for me!
    I found these
    - Vander 300w LED Grow Light Lamp Full Spectrum Panel for Indoor Plant Growing | eBay
    LED 300-Watt Grow Light Lamp Full Spectrum Panel Veg Flower for Medical Indoor Plant | eBay

    Are they any good?
  6. Tbone Shuffle :love-mj2:

    U really took your time and wrote all this i appreciate that more than you know..
    If u think this is the best light for my plant i shall use it!

    MUCH LOVE:thankyou: :inlove:
  7. id say go with Mars. Their tried and true and you could probably find grow journal after grow journal with ppl using em. I currently have 2 deep blue c by mephisto growing under 1 600w mars and they are coming along very nicely. One thing to note with autos is breeders grow time. They will say 60 day from start to finish but it will be more like70-80 maybe more. If these are your first autos growing look into lst and get a good solid soil that will feed em most of the way without burning them. I go roots organic with great success.

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