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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ckflemming, Apr 21, 2016.

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  2. Maybe it is the tobacco. Does it happen when you smoke joints?
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  4. It is the nicotine in the blunt that is making you feel sick, it happens to me to as I don't go near nicotine in any form, I actually stopped even smoking blunts over a year ago due to them making me feel sick and losing a family member to lung cancer
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  5. Yeah as less said, it's the nicotine. If you haven't smoked cigs or anything, it's gonna hit you full force in mix with the high. Your body isn't used to nicotine yet, it's your choice. Keep doing the blunts till you get a higher tolerance to nicotine but you also run the chance of smoking more tobacco if you do. Give an take really.

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  6. It is definitely the tobacco. I would avoid blunts.
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  8. Taking less hits sounds less fun, but if you really want to smoke a blunt, then by all means go for it. I don't know if taking less hits will help, because I don't know your tolerance to nicotine. If you keep smoking blunts you will get used to it.

    A joint would be a healthier alternative that won't make you feel sick.
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  10. I have felt that way before after smoking blunts (especially after me and my friend smoked an extendo.) It's nicotine poisoning. I would take less hits or just avoid blunts altogether. I still smoke blunts on occasion but I always a little nervous that I'm going to get nicotine poisoning.

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  11. Could be the nicotine. I smoke blunts but only every once in a while, and never hotbox with blunts!
  12. I experienced this my first handful of times smoking blunts. What type of blunt were you smoking? I've only ever felt sick from swishers.
  13. Why would you want to get used to something that makes you sick?

    They don't make me sick I just think they're nasty so I don't smoke them. I prefer the taste of weed over flavored tobacco.

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  14. I smoked blunts everyday but sometimes when I smoke to much I get really lightheaded from swishers.
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  15. It's from the nicotine in the blunts, I personally mix my weed with cigarettes makes it more smooth, and I find it stretches my weed a bit, but honestly after smoking splifs for so long now I need to just do straight weed I'm noticing that I am getting sick a lot more and that I've Ben getting bronchitis more often then before I ever smoked, beat to stop with the blunts IMOH it's safer and wayyy more Heathly for you
  16. I get the same from blunts. It is definitely the nicotine in the blunt wrap. I avoid blunts as much as possible. Former smoker and try to avoid nicotine at all costs.
    I will hit a blunt of some primo dank rather than not though.

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