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“Trench Warfare” And “Civil War” Over Confiscatory Taxes In France

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Deleted member 472633, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. “Trench Warfareâ€Â And “Civil Warâ€Â Over Confiscatory Taxes In France | ZeroHedge

    This is what America will be like soon enough, how will France pay for its welfare state once it either loses or uses up the wealthiest money? It can't print money itself thats up to the European Central Bank, the European Union is really on the brink.
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  2. Penalize the individuals who do the most for the economy.

    Makes sense.

    And yeah, it makes someone easily electable if they harshly tax the rich.

    Is it good for the economy? No. But most people don't know or care.
  3. I hate to be a cunt, but where are those bernie supporters?
  4. What's the alternative to the "welfare state"? What are the consequences of removing the "welfare state"?
  5. Arnault if he were an American taxpayer would not be allowed to "leave". American citizens have to pay taxes to the US government wherever they live in the world.

    I don't see what the issue is?

    Is it the tax rate it is claimed he is paying or the fact he is not allowed shift his tax liabilities?
  6. Know what would make the story much better? Actual TRENCH WARFARE.
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  7. Mexico, Colombia.
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  8. I think that maaaaaaaaaaaay be an oversimplification :laughing:
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  9. ... Somalia.
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  10. I suppose I could have mentioned Russia and China as well.. since they practically don't give a rat's ass about their underclass either. There's beggars in every corner, old ladies with their headscarfs .. you can easily get kidnapped and drugged up in a club .. ... there's the mafia bribing off the police force .. homeless teenage gangs.. etc.

    Maybe if you legalized drugs, it might just prevent your anarcho-capitalist society from turning into a cartel/mafia state.. but otherwise, keep dreaming. People aren't just gonna starve to death - they will sell drugs, they will rob your small business, they will extort your family members, they will headhunt people for 20 bucks, etc.
  11. Sounds just like the US of A. :hide:

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