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  1. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/06/28/disturbing-video-shows-cops-forcibly-drawing-blood-of-dui-suspects-and-its-legal/

  2. So, the police are all butthurt because more people are standing up for themselves and refuse to take a field sobriety test without reasonable cause; well then, let's just abuse them and forcibly jab a foreign object into their arm. After all, if you're innocent to begin with then what's the problem?
    This is fucking nuts.
  3. "I pledge allegience to the flag...."

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  4. ok now they're starting to push the boundaries, do they really think people are going to look at this and accept it?
  5. "Of a nation that that will increasingly trample upon my inalienable rights...."

    I kid. I kid.
  6. This makes no sense. It says they need a warrant to forcibly draw the blood, most DUIs happen late at night, so that means they're waiting until the next morning to get a judge to sign the warrant? All you need to do is start drinking water all night, piss out the alcohol by morning, and then when they're about to get the warrant signed, go ahead and submit to the breathalyzer, or a urinalysis even, by that point, you've got so much water in your system, they won't have anything on you. :confused_2:
  7. Truth hurts haha
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    If you refuse to take the breathalizer, and they legally obtain a warrent to take the blood sample instead, what is the problem?  A nurse is taking the blood, so its a trained physician.  You know you can take the breathalizer, but are most likely choosing not to in order to not be detected of breaking the law. What alternatives are there, if the alcohol will only stay in your system for X amount of time, give everyone suspected of drunk driving the choice to not take the test and then let them go?   
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    As I said, you are given the choice, you can prove that you didnt break the law and comply with a breathalyzer or have a trained physician administer a blood test (against your will or not) to ensure you are not driving drunk.  I ask again, you have a better alternative for when a drunk person refuses a breathalyzer, because by irrationally crying about rights and securities like you are (your given a perfectly good alternative beforehand), you are essentially giving drunk drivers a free pass.  My biggest threat to safety here is allowing drunk drivers to do so without punishment, which is what you are proposing.
    I wont have a conversation with some who compares this with Nazis, that is just asinine, again your are given a choice, its as simple as that.  Relax on your tone (brainwashed fuck?? sorry but disagreeing with you doesnt make that so), the personal attacks are not appreciated here on GC.  Thanks
  10. I would rather the potential drunk driver get away then have his rights violated by the police. 
  11. The south is getting worse and worse and worse. If i was pulled over for DUI in California, I would just say "yeah I'm drunk" and then place my hands behind my back for cuffing. 1 night in a drunk tank, and then released the next day. Looks like these guys wanted to fight the southern state police. And the south is no place to live if you want to rebel against the law. Texas is bad too.
  12. <sup>Like already said you are given a chance to prove your innocence.  If you deny that cause of some self ritous principle then yes you may be strapped to a table so we can get your blood.  You submit to this when you sign that drivers license.  Driving is not a right it's a privledge.  And when you sign that license unfortunately you give up some of your rights.  You wanna drink, and play with the big boys you better be able to accept some of the fucked up things that may happen.</sup>
  13. Education over legislation

    Clearly laws dont work. People will break them if they can
    And theu always can
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  14. California can be pretty bad, they have a million little rules, there are things Texas does better then California and there are things California does better then Texas. Both states have some pretty authoritarian policies.
  15. Im actually pretty happy with nevada so far

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  16. In CA DUIs are all about Revenue. I know ppl who have 3 DUIs and have not done more then 24hrs in jail(they had $$$) Atleast here in Cali we can refuse all sobriety test but then you are assumed guilty. I think that is preferable to forced blood samples.
    Average cost of a DUI in CA is $5k with no lawyer.

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