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    Hey guys, my plant seems to have some reddish purple stems. Theres a slight discoloration in the leaves too. too much nitrogen? What can i do to fix this? Using FFOF & 2 tsp of MaxiGro, along with 1 tsp CaliMag. PHed to 6.5. Watering once every 2 days. Day 2 of Veg.
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  2. I don't think it looks like too much nitrogen. Too much nitrogen usually results in very dark green leaves but your plants are so small I would of expected them to burn or die as soon as they germinated if the nitrogen levels are too high. I wouldn't worry mate your seedling looks great, good job so far.
  3. what are your temps theres a few differnt reasons this could happen one being strain might just be genitic another can be cooler temps another can be a nitro deficiency but that doesnt look like that
  4. thanks :) About 70-72 degrees in in my box. I always have the fan running too. Should i continue to feed her MaxiGro & Calimagic?
  5. It looks fine. Don't overfeed at this stage.
  6. Please always follow up what you read on here...could be a magnesium deficiency, temps or genetics as of now your plant looks fine I've had plants with puple stems from veg to flower just watch the overall health of the plant the leaves will let you know.

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    Hope that makes sense I'm high as fuck

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  7. Ill make sure to not overfeed them :)
    & thanks everyone, makes sense haha.
    Stay highhhh [​IMG]
  8. Possibly over potted
  9. I use FF OF myself, the soil has enough nutrients for the first four weeks of life under good light. If you are giving it nutrients from the start, you are going to have all kinds of fertilizer problems in your future. Water only as needed first four weeks. Trust me on this one.

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