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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by HighAztec, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. SuP guys...Well im in quite a predicament lol my white widows just sprouted right so its been bout 4 days its like 2½ inches tall just started to notice the set of single bladed, serrated leaves known as the first leaves but thats where my problem comes in i had it under 2 floros like 35 watts but those first leafs are curling at the end i re-read the grow journal and it said Too much light may lead to bleaching of leaves and flowers, browning and shriveling, Leaves would become overly compact and curl under at the edges SO thats my problem i doubt theres too much light?! i mean not even an hps u kno?? well i thought it was water so i watered it a couple days ago but no luck what do u think is the problem?? have u guys ever dealt wit such a problem?? annyways since i had two floros running i turned one off... well eye await ur responses thanks...back to mah baby lol...

    GROW ON-peace out
  2. LoL hey guys damn thanks for the help lol well i just let it be and only the beggining leaves came out that way the rest came out beutifully although im still wondering why? any of u guys ever had experience with white widows before that would like to share...?? come n guys dont be shy lol ...back to my smoke..

    GROW ON-peace out
  3. Guess not....I just put my INDOOR plants in yesterday lol
  4. Curling can also be an indication of over fertilizing. If they start to turn brown and curl then it is prolly the problem. I have never needed to fert a new cutting or seed germination for some time.
  5. hEy pEoPLe...well that would be tottaly understandable if i was using ferts but eye havent used any whatsoever so thats not the problem unless its the soil! it already comes with sum "enriched miracle grow" but i highly doubt thats the purpAtrator** lol but we will find out eventually...back to my smoke.....

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t

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