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    Existing out there inna world are manny cool steamroller pipes (we'll count all large quick-flush waterless chamber pipes)

    Ok so this here is Cid-Aurther
    He's a 1 hitter steamroller (fill mouth with danky)
    Carb hole

    Yer turn!
  2. I can't believe I'm the only guy with a steamroller round here?
  3. Here's mine, just got it

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  4. that's respectable.

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  5. I'd love to see more cool steamrollers
  6. My mini steamroller from GL's. Loaded w Green Crack.

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  7. Breathing life into this thread, here's mine.

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  8. i cant remember what i did with mine. it was an old indian peace pipe deal but the bowl broke off of it. so we made it into a foot and a half steam roller called..."the super chief".

    back in the day {high school} we had a steam rollers made out of all kinds of things from bottles, to PVC pipe, to bamboo, shit all kinds of stuff. so easy to make. we even made an ice catcher of sorts to cool massive hits down. it was a great party favorite and we ended up making a bunch of them over the years.
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  9. Hell yeah! Back in those plastic bottle bong days... I got coke and dr pepper bottles to make smoke tornados, and i could make them so they always did it. It would still milk the bottle, but i made the bowl, carb and 2 pinholes angled so it spun the air when you first started to hit it. It was the crowd favorite, but man did those things taste terrible. So stale and harsh.

    We used a piece of carrot once as a screen too, we just cut a thin slice, poked holes in it and put it in before the bud. It worked but at the end it was the gnarliest thing i might have ever tasted.. Moving on with that idea, we then made a carrot steamroller, Lol.

    I've used a legit glass steamroller only once, that was it. I wasn't a fan of either the carrot one or the glass one.. I'd rather a spoon.

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