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THC glycerin tincture

  • by growl
  • Oct 10 2011 06:04 PM
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Posted 10 October 2011 - 06:04 PM


This is my first post here and just would like to first off say hi :)

Anyway, I am in the process of making a glycerin tincture. I used about ~5 grams of weed in 2 fl oz of glycerin (I kinda guessed on the measurements from reading online). Basically, as much as I could mix in with the glycerin without it being too thick.

I put this very thick mixture in an amber bottle and let it sit for two days in a warm area while shaking it every few hours. I then put it in the crock pot on low (with water) for about 12 hours, shaking it when I remembered. I took it out after 12 hours (due to me living with my parents) and from what I can tell with the amber bottle effecting my view of the mixture, that all the weed is still green looking and the liquid is not amber (as I have seen pictures online). When I open the bottle, it does smell quite strongly, hopefully, that is a good sign :P

I have not tried this tincture yet and I would like to make sure I am doing this correctly. I messed up a bottle of green dragon and don't feel like dealing with that again and wasting weed!

I am primary going to use this tincture for my constant nausea associated with crohn's, gallbladder removal, and anxiety. I am experienced with smoking but looking for an alternative and this seemed like the best thing especially with the sweet tasting glycerin.

Has anyone has experience with this? I feel like there are a lot of recipes but no actual experiences...I am wondering if I should let it sit for like 2 weeks? I am not sure but I def am running low on the patience for this XP Any advice or opinion would be much appreciated :)
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