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BEST WAY -- To Dry and Cure Pot??? (A LOT OF POT)...

  • by qwickymart
  • Jul 03 2005 03:59 AM
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Posted 03 July 2005 - 03:59 AM

What is the best way to dry and cure pot? My buddy can grow the KILL and it looks great when it is alive, but as soon as he dries it and "cures" it, it never turns out killer?

I'm not complaining about his quality - it is definitley still better than anything else available, but I want the killer shit you see in magazines.

As it sits he has about 60 plants that he is going to chop down and manicure. Then he hangs them upside down in a dark room with the window open, a heater on the floor, and a fan blowing on them. He leaves them there for 3 - 5 days until the stem cracks instead of bending.

But then he puts the buds in glass jars and opens the lid everyday...

But this time he is going to have A LOT and doesn't have enough glass jars to burp them in...

Is there a better way to cure it? What about drying it? How do you all dry and cure your plants??? I heard somebody just hangs them for a few days, cuts them all up and lets them sit another 2 days, then he puts them in a cooler and opens the lid once a day? Would that work???
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Posted 03 July 2005 - 04:04 AM

Read this:

Drying and Curing



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Posted 03 July 2005 - 07:24 AM

it does say somewhere in that link that a drying room is as important as a growing room so you will have to get over it some how.....

heres another way http://www.overgrow....ad.php?t=464355 ann another http://www.overgrow....ad.php?t=555115 .

you need a good product to start of with to get a good product...

i use plastic food containers aswell....

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Posted 03 July 2005 - 01:28 PM

here another link http://www.overgrow....threadid=630622

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