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Substitute for Clear Eyes, Visine?

  • by Hakennase
  • May 22 2005 01:53 AM
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Posted 22 May 2005 - 01:53 AM

Know of any others that work? Water works for about five minutes...
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  • Afghani

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 02:00 AM

piss in a wine glass..

1/4 teaspoon of shit.
1 cup of boiling water.
1 tablespoon of bong water.
put a penny and a quarter in it.
a little rock.
and wait 420 hours for it to olden up thats about 17.5 day so this is a long one so thats 2.5 weeks. then when ur done drink all the liquid as fast as u can then throw the rock at the closest square object, and swallow the penny and put the quarter under ur parents bedroom pillow. and ur eyes will glow white for about 3 days.

really works!! ^^ :smoke:

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 04:33 AM

did u try it you crazy bastard...
im so high right now

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 04:55 AM

y do u want anything else but go by some roto that shit is the best

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 04:55 AM

well when i run out of eye drops i use my kick ass aviator glasses.


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Posted 22 May 2005 - 05:22 AM

maybe close your eyes for a bit

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 08:00 AM

I used to use clear eyes...it was always better than visine plus i heard from the eye doctor to never use visine cuz it was bad for you. But anyways, i realized that even though your eyes get clear, you still have lazy eye when u get really high so i said whats the fucking point of using that shit, an expert will still know when ur high by the look in your eye so I suggest you just play it cool and stop wasting your cash on that visine shit......that company only banks off of stoners and if you are smart you can come up on ways to explain why your eyes are red in the first place.....so stop frontin' and just say that your allergies are kicking your ass, you don't have shit to worry about........use the money you save off holding back on that useless shit and buy some more bud with it you square beezies!!!!

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 11:01 AM

crying will clear it up but you get puffy. water will make it more noticeable for a bit but it does help slowly. Stick with the visine or do what i do and say fuck it and not care.

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 11:28 AM

saliene solution.

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 01:43 PM

I use Vdrops

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Posted 22 May 2005 - 02:51 PM

The only stuff I ever use now, and I'll never go back. This stuff is the best I've ever used:

Posted Image


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