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How to roll a hash joint?

  • by Guest_sixer_*
  • May 23 2004 07:40 PM
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Posted 23 May 2004 - 07:40 PM

just wondering how to add hash into a joint.

would i just get really small pieces, and mix it into the grinded up bud?

not sure on this, but when i pick up some more hash, i wanna roll a j with it

any help would be appreciated
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Posted 23 May 2004 - 07:47 PM

I just crumble it within the joint and roll it like norml. just make sure to make it even throughout the joint, for better burnage.

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 07:54 PM

ok.. well first off i suck at actualy rolling j's but i know how to roll a hash j.

First get a tin or a paer or somthing to roll over cuz hash can be kind of messy...
Then take tweezers if you dont want to get burned. Break off a piece of hash. Hold it in the tweezer and put a flame to it. DONT BURN IT. you shoudl smell it and mabey a little smoe or steam will come.
Then when its warm break it up with your fingers. this is called crumbling.
Then take either broken weed or tobacco and mix the hash in with it. Proceed to roll your j.

WORD OF CAUTION- Hash does not go out like weed, so if you drop it or ash it be very careful.. i have clothes with holes burned through because a "rock" has fallen on them. It is common courtesy if you are smoking with someone and you see a glowing thing to fall say "ROCKS" so that they will knwo and be able to brush them away.
Oh yeah, i have never tried rollign a hash only j, i dunno if it would work or how it would burn if you do let me know, but i dont think it would. Good luck, uhh my name.

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 08:39 PM

Just take the lump and burn it then crumble, it works like a charm.

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 11:04 PM

i know someone whos got some hash and ive never tried it...is it as potent as weed? like will and 8th of hash be like the same as an 8th of mids or dank?

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 11:11 PM

That kinda depends on the qual of the hash.
I smoke it all the time, and im high on it as we speak ;)

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 11:26 PM

i love hash, but its not normally in a constant supply where i am like bud is

it gets me sooooooo high
last night i was at some chicks house with a few friends, and we smoked like 5 bowls of black hash, and about 5 more of some pretty dank bud
after, went to little ceasers for some $5 large pizzas :-)

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Posted 24 May 2004 - 06:52 AM

i live in india and hash and weed are pretty much alwasy availale. I havent smoked in a while but i just got some for a friend. heres average prices and quality in india-

"coconut"- 4oz mabey??? its a ziplock sandwhich bag full and its about 200-300rs or 4-6 us dollars. this stuff is just ok.. it takes quite a bit to work and tastes bad but it wil work.

"apple"-4oz same size as coconut but this stuff is AWFUL. 100rs for a bag or about 2 dollars.

"menali cream"- this is the mid grad hash. i think it was 800-1000rs for a T (10 grams) which is 16-20 dollars. This is equivalent to some really good weed in the US.

"standard hash"- this is pretty good. i think its probably equivalent to some mids in the US. mabey 400-800rs a T depending where from and time of year.

"menali cream with opium" very potent stuff... its soaked in opium somehow i dont know how they make it but its very very very strong... completly different high then anythign else. depending when and where from 1000-1400rs or 20-28 dollars.

"iraqui or imported" i somked once but dont buy because of where it comes from.. but hey stoners are peaceful right??? so hopefully it doesnt support any bad casues. Anyway, this stuf is white, my freind bought a brick of it, about the size of an altoids tin. He paid i think 6000 rs which is about 150 us dollars, i think it weigth in at 6-8 oz.. this was a ton of AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING hash, one it wonder...the most potent thing ive evenr seen here, actually kind of scary how strong it was... but i wont buy it ever and i dont think he plans to... but it was good to try

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Posted 24 May 2004 - 07:14 AM


what are the prices for Grass there?

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