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Freezing Cannabutter

  • by Doogong
  • Apr 23 2009 12:30 AM
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Posted 23 April 2009 - 12:30 AM

Hello Fellow Tokers,

I'm making Pot Brownies for my friends this weekend and it seems there's really two ways of going about it:
1.) Simmering the sweet ganja in a sauce pan with cooking oil for about 30-45 minutes and using the resulting THC-Oil Mixture as the oil component in my favorite brownie mix.
2.) Going through the 1-2+ hour ordeal of making cannabutter.
Now, I have no problem making cannabutter if it means a higher potency. My first question is which method is most effective for THC intake. My second question is, if cannabutter is preferable, do I have to freeze it right then? or can I put it straight into my brownie mix after it is done simmering?

Thanks for your help. Happy smoking.
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Posted 23 April 2009 - 03:42 AM

not positive, but I think I saw somewhere than you just keep it in the fridge

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Posted 24 April 2009 - 01:16 AM

i followed the cannabutter recipe posted in the sticky

all i did was, melt butter--put pot in--simmer for 5 min---put in fridge till it was hard---remelted butter then strained it--- put back in fridge for 1 hour, till hard then made some chocolate cinnamon toast crunch rice crispy treats

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