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How To Use Pgp Message Encryption (Tutorial)

  • by ArnoldShortman
  • Jun 03 2013 08:36 PM
pgp message encrpytion tor
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Posted 03 June 2013 - 08:36 PM

This tutorial uses GnuPGP4Win.

GnuPGP Beta Download

GnuPGP Download

GnuPGP Setup for Windows

GnuPG PGP encryption key setup

First! an explanation....

Encryption is always a nice benefit to have because, while everything on tor is usually contained in entirely encrypted flow, if ever for any reason the server
does get compromised the messages on the server seized are still encrypted and are difficult or unable to be read by any entity without the keys to the encryption.

This is where PGP encryption keys are nice. You have a public and a private key that correlate to one another. You hand out the public side of the key, and anyone
who wants to send you an encrypted message, can do so using your key. You will then use the private key to decrypt that message, and you can enjoy a little more privacy
in your conversation that would be had without it.



1) Create your master certificate

a) Open Kleopatra and then Click File => New Certificate
B) Create a Personal OpenPGP Pair
c) Name: use your username for the site
email: use anonymous email, or [email protected]
d) Click Advanced
Select DSA
Check Elgamal
Use highest bits available for encryption

e) Click OK
f) Click Next

g) Use a passphrase you can remember (80+ characters is not unheard of the longer the passphrase the more secure your message will be)
This will take a bit of time....

h) You can make a backup of your keypair if you want to, so you can import later....

2) Export your public key

a) Under 'My certificates' you should now see a listed name (should be your username, if you followed example)
B) Hilight your certificate, and click export cert at the top, and save this file somewhere (it'll be a .asc file)
(This file is your public certificate, open it up in notepad or something,
and you can copy/paste this to your profile, or to your customers in a public message.)

3) Adding Other Peoples Keys:

a) People will post their public keys so that you can copy/import them into your key manager (kleopatra in this case)
keys start with: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
keys end with: -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----

B) To get these keys into kleopatra, select the entire key (including the begin and end line), and copy them to your clipboard (crtl+c or edit=>copy)
c) Right click your red kleopatra icon in your task bar
d) select Clipboard and then certificate import

4) Decrypt a message sent from someone

a) Again, like the public keys, people will post encrypted messages to you that you'll need to decrypt
messages start with: -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
messages end with: -----END PGP MESSAGE-----
B) Again, hilight and copy the entire message block, with the begin and end line
c) Right Click the red Kleopatra icon
d) Select Clipboard, then click decrypt
e) Enter the passphrase you used to create your key
The decrypted data is now in your clipboard
f) Open notepad or another text editor, and paste the contents of your clipboard (crtl+v , edit=>paste)

5) Encrypt a message to someone else

a) First you need to make sure you have the public key saved for the person you want to communicate with, in section 3
B) Open notepad, or a text editor, and type the message you want encrypted
c) hilight the entire message, and copy it to your clipboard
d) Right Click Kleopatra , Goto Clipboard , Click on Encrypt
e) Click Add Recipient
f) Goto Other Certificates, and add the individual you would like.
g) Click Okay/next and it'll tell you its complete
h) The encrypted message is now in your clipboard
You can now paste that encrypted content into a private message to the person with crtl+v/edit=>paste.



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