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Pax with keef?

  • by john0connor
  • Nov 19 2012 03:29 PM
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Posted 19 November 2012 - 03:29 PM

Anybody smoke keef in the pax?

I'm about to get some soon, so i'm just wondering. Obviously i know i can just try it out, but i'm just curious how much to put in the oven and if there are any added cleaning concerns if you plan to put a lot of keef through it.

I'm guessing it's gonna taste amazing; I can't wait to try it =)
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Posted 19 November 2012 - 07:10 PM

i don't own a pax, but from my experience with other vapes i can tell you this: if you load kief only it will probably stick to the sides of the oven and kind of hard to remove (unless you use a q-tip dipped in alcohol, should be smooth then)

vaping pure kief/hash always clogs the screens in my vapes, so i'm guessing its going to stick against the sides/against the screen (if the pax even has a screen).

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 12:39 AM

I made a little kief sandwich when I put it in there. Loaded it up a bit with green, sprinkled in a layer of kief, then some green on top. Works best on medium or high.

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 01:26 AM

Works best to toss your kief with some bud. Lets airflow, and keeps the kief exposed instead of a shrunken hard clump, raw inside.

In my experience at least.

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Posted 20 November 2012 - 09:42 PM

I totally packed my pax with kief, definitely made resin build up quickly. Mouthpiece got stuck only after a few ovens of kief. A quick cleaning of the spring area and rest of the pax and it was good as new.

Needless to say we were gone..

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