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The Hatman (Paranormal)

  • by BigOrange²
  • Nov 18 2012 02:25 PM
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Posted 18 November 2012 - 02:25 PM


So I've been reading about this paranormal entity people have been encountering.. Wondering if anyone has had any experiences they could share like the following:

As a young child I had several things happen to me that have stuck with me even now (I'm 34 years old). I'd like to share one of those events now. I'm sure I'll garner some doubters, but that's ok. Even though I was only 4 years old I remember the event vividly.

My grandparents had an old two story house behind their main house. It had a single bedroom upstairs. While nobody lived there my grandparents kept it clean and tidy, ready for company. I had an aunt and her husband who were in the military and they came home to visit. They stayed in that house and I wanted to spend the night in it with them. There were two beds upstairs, one on either side of a window. I slept in one and they in the otherI laid in bed for some long time unable to sleep. My aunt and her husband were asleep.

I rolled over facing them and saw a man in a brimmed hat standing right up next to their bed looking down upon them. Though the lights were all off there was plenty of light coming in through the window. I could see much of the room fairly clearly. This figure had an unnatural color (almost an illumination or reflection, but maybe not quite). It looked soft like moon light. It's hard to describe. It was solid looking though, not see through at all.

This scared me so I covered my head up for what seemed like a long while. Finally, I looked out from under the covers and the thing was right up next to my bed looking down at me. I'm getting chills as I write this. It's hat looked like a cowboy hat. It had a hankerchief tied around it's neck. It's face was very white and soft moon light like. It's face was slender. Where the whites of it's eyes should have been it was black. The part that should have been colored (the iris I think) was white. I even remember vividly that I could see that inside the white irises there were lines that were whiter like how we have a textured look in our irises. It's mouth was slightly open and it had fangs. I never saw it move at all nor did it make any sounds. I covered my head up again for a while and when I checked again it was gone. Ever since I have called it the cowboy vampire.

The adults told me I was dreaming, but I never accepted that. I saw it. I think that maybe it was something that had taken up residence there. The house had been unoccupied for about two years. A quite place where nobody would bother it. As it turns out that aunt of mine is today a certified clinical mental case, a sociopath. I've sometimes wondered if I had not seen her demon or something.

My experience with The Hat Man came in 1994 when I was about 14 years old. I was living with my grandmother and great-grandmother at the time at my home in Nashville, TN. I had been staying up really late that night and at about 2:00am in the morning I found myself lying in bed and nodding off as I was watching TV. The lights were all off and the only light that was lighting my room was coming from the TV set in front of me.
From where I was lying my bed was position up against the wall. Looking down toward my feet I had a clear view all the way into and through my great-grandmother’s room (which was just parallel to mine) as there was no door between my room and hers. I could also see into the hallway. Just inside the hallway was the doorway going into my grandmother’s room.
As I was lying there with the covers pulled up to my face, nodding off, my eyes would open and fall, open and fall, over and over again, except that I heard something on TV that made me open my eyes a little wider–only this time I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I had always had a fear about intruders and what I would do if someone ever broke into our home. For a brief moment I thought that the movement I was seeing might be my grandmother getting up to go to the bathroom. But as I moved my eyes more into focus, looking down through my great-grandmother’s room into the hallway, I very quickly realized that it wasn’t my grandmother.
What I saw gripped me immediately with fear and dread. I saw a tall human-like figure and the figure looked like that of a man. The man had no distinguishable features whatsoever. I could see no eyes, no nose or mouth, only blackness. He looked like a shadow, only darker–much darker. He had a very wide brimmed hat and a long trench coat that flowed as he moved. I started to tremble. My heart began to race. At that moment, I came to the conviction that there was indeed an intruder in my house. As I watched him move, in the back on my mind I began to play out scenarios as to what he and I was going to do. Was I going to yell? Was I going to get up and run after him and try to fight him?
I kept looked into the hallway. He stood there at the threshold between my great-grandmother’s room and my grandmother’s room. He leaned his head and body into my great-grandmother’s room and looked in–turning his head toward her and then toward me. I had my eyes closed as much as I could so I could still see him, and yet still look like I was sleeping, He stood there for what seemed like an eternity, He then moved very slowly and without sound back into the hallway just out of view. Then immediately I saw his figure move toward my grandmother’s room, the same as before. he leaned his body and head in, looking at her, again, not making a sound. He then leaned back and moved out of view into the hallway.
At this point I didn’t know what else to do. I was convinced that we had some kind of burglar in the house, so I summed as much courage as I could, jumped up out of bed yelling, and charged into the hallway ready for a fight. I turned the hallway, and…he was gone.
Obviously I had startled and woke up my grandmother and great-grandmother. I told them what had happened and needless to say we didn’t go back to sleep for a long time, and when we did we left the light on.
After my experience that night and during the next day, I spent a lot of time talking with my family about what had happened. I was surprised to know that my experience of the man with the hat and cape was not the only one that had had happened in that house. As it turned out both my grandmother and great-grandmother had seen the same thing (although they had described him in different terms–see their stories below).
Over the years since that time, I had grown very antagonistic against the whole thing, brushing it off as mere happenstance–a figment of my imagination or perhaps the result of my nodding off and being in that in-between place of being half awake and half asleep. I thought about it every now and then, but relegated it to the back part of my mind and paying little attention to it. I would continue to feel this way about the experience until 2 years ago. That’s when everything changed.
I was listening to Coast To Coast AM with George Noory one evening and it was really late in the night–perhaps 2:00am or 3:00am. They were doing a show on what was called “shadow beings.” It was the first time that I had ever heard of something like that. As I listened to the show nothing could prepare me for what I heard next. George Noory and the guest went on to describe people’s experiences with one particular shadow being–a dark man-like figure with a large wide-brimmed hat and a cape. Immediately I felt chills run down my spine. I knew at that moment that what had happened to me as a teenager was not a figment of my imagination and was definitely not the result of me nodding off. I had seen what these people were describing.
Since that time I have engaged in quite a bit of research on the phenomenon of The Hat Man. I have read countless stories from others who have had similar experiences and have compared people’s stories to try to make sense out what is happening. I now believe that I am at a place in life where I can draw some conclusions on who or what The Hat Man is and how he is connected to the wider experience of the shadow people. This web site serves as a staging ground to continue my research and to offer my help to those who have experienced the same phenomenon.

So there's this demon, he's called Ankou and he's the original version of the grim reaper. He wears a wide black hat, a long black coat. His face from the nose up is usually invisible from what I've read about him. This is for reference, I learned he had a name and that other people had seen him a couple months ago.

Story time!
I haven't ever seen him personally, and I'm not saying I'm worried. This is mainly to see if anyone else out there has had any similar experiences.

My mom always complained about nightmares. ALWAYS. I asked her what they were about and she told me that from the time she was little she had nightmares about a "tall man with a long black coat in a black hat coming for her in the night." I always thought it was wierd, but didn't put a lot of creedence into it.
When I was around 16 I had a girlfriend who had panic attacks a lot. One night we were out at the local lake, uh "talking", anyway at one point she goes dead still and silent and rigid. I was like uh what? She said that we just had to go, had to. So we left. On the highway back to her house she told me what she saw; what she always saw during her panic attacks. It was a man in a long black coat with a big black hat with a mean grimace but you couldn't see the rest of his face. She also mentioned that she had seen dead looking people around my truck at the lake along with this guy. I instantly made the connection between my moms dreams and her attacks. It was strange but I thought it was probably just a strange coincidence with two people having the same image of pure fear. I kinda forgot about it for a few years (I'm 20 now). A couple months ago I was just dabbling around on the internet with a friend and we stumbled upon a website which was essentially a fairie dictionary. I was running through it looking for the legend of the fairy cloth from scottland and I read Ankou's definition. It hit me hard. Not scared or anything but I was just stunned to find that many many cultures had the same type of guy running around.

The puritian's black man of the woods, the Irish Ankou, native americans, among others all share very similar stories.

Anyone had any similar experiences, does anyone give any creedence to this at all? I realize I don't have any evidence besides my word so I understand taking all of this with a grain of salt; I would, and do, do the same.

Many years ago and friend and I were up late one evening when we heard some neighborhood dogs barking. Thinking it was visitors we looked out the front window and saw the dogs, about 4 of them, backing away from something. (in the street)
As the dogs made their way up the street we could see that they were backing away from a very large figure- a male-about 8 ft. tall-all black- and was wearing a black Dick Tracy type hat.
As the man , and dogs, got right in our view the “hat man” stopped and raised his arms over the dogs and moved his arms from one side to the other. As he did this the dogs went down on all fours and we could hear them whimpering. After about a minute the “hat man” lowered his arms—the dogs all ran in different directions–and the “hat man” walked away from us and vanished!
That was in So. California–many years ago and I have not seen him since. I did feel that he was trying to send us a message, and I don’t think it was real good. I felt he was showing us some type of power.

I have had several encounters with shaddow people and two specifically with Hat Man. First, for a ton of info on this topic check out Heidi Hollis’ web site (the link is in the GT guests page).
In my two encounters with Hat Man he seemed to go out of his way to try and frighten or anger me. The first time he woke me from a deep sleep and I thought I was experiencing sleep paralysis. I couldn’t open my eyes and I felt a huge weight on my chest. I had a momtent of panic but realized quickly ( I thought) that I was just waking up and was probably returning from an OBE. When the sensation didn’t pass after a few moments ie my vision did not return and I couldn’t draw a breath I knew it was something different. I calmed my mind and focused on the paralysis and could sense a presens on my chest. With a force of will I opened my eyes. As soon as I did I saw an entity in a hat rise from my chest and fade away. I was mildly panicked at first but chalked it up to lucid dreaming and/or old hag syndrom. I was wrong.
A few weeks later I was sleeping again when I heard my family come in to the house ( I work nights ). When I tried to roll over and get up I suddeny felt a huge weight decend onto my back and force my face into the pillow. At first I thought my kids had mannaged to sneak into my room and jump on my back. Then I heard my wife speak to them and they both replied. I panicked, started to rise and felt my head forced back down into the pillow. Now I was angry. I thought that there was an intruder in my house hiding in my room, trying to harm me and endagering my family. In a rage I flung the person off me and sprang half way to my feet untill I saw him. I froze, blinked and shook my head. There was the hat man crouching about ten feet from me with a sadistic grin on his not quite human face. He was gaunt and sickly thin, his skin was pale white, his lips were black and the angrier I became the more he just smiled. I got the distinct impression that he was feasting on my fear and anger. With realization he just nodded almost in thanks.
I calmed my self down, taking several deep breaths and surrounded my self in white light. I opend my eyes and to my surprise he was still there. He said to me that it would take a lot more than that to get rid of him and that he would be staying a while to feed on my self and my family.
Now that I was calm I knew not to be afraid or angry. I would not let this creature taunt me in to feeding him. Instead I just closed my eyes, surrounded my self in the white light again and as he told me again that it would not banish him I prayed for the white light to surround him as well and return him to the light from which we all come from and he had strayed so very far away from.
I opened my eyes to see the light surround him. I felt pity for this poor creature, that it was reduced to being a parasite feeding off the most negative emotions of all. I wished him light and love. He grew angry, and then just faded away with the light.
I don’t think Hat Man will be visiting my house again. I hope this helps you in any future encounters you may have with shaddow people.

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 03:11 PM

Sounds like some crazy shit. Fo' sho'

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 05:48 PM

Wow I have to do more research on this.

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 12:32 AM

Seems perhaps it's some sort of grim reaper type of entity, somehow possibly related to the shadow people phenomenon

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