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How to scrape resin from a sherlock bowl?

  • by BigCheef69
  • Jul 02 2012 02:51 AM
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Posted 02 July 2012 - 02:51 AM

My sherlock bowl has a lot of res inside of it and I don't know how to get it out. Can anyone give me some tips?
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Posted 02 July 2012 - 02:54 AM

Dude im having the same exact problem with my glass bowl , try to clean it out throughly with a dishrag unless your tryna save the res and maybe smoke it later.

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 02:55 AM

I recently did that like 2 weeks ago, its a total bitch and you have to work at it. Took me about an hour, but i got like 5 res balls out of it haha.

Take a regular paper clip and bend the very end about a centimeter to make it "hook"-like.

Then I just went through the mouth piece, scraped as much as i could get to back through the mouth piece.

When you cant get anymore, go through the side hole and bend the paper clip accordingly to get all the res in the upper part/front of the bowl. Try to get it back down to the bottom of the sherlock where you previously scraped through the mouthpiece. Rinse and repeat.

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 03:03 AM

I've been fishing at it with bread ties but they aren't strong enough. I'll try the paper clip method next.

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Posted 03 July 2012 - 07:15 AM

stick it in the microwave for 20-40 seconds and use pipe cleaners u buy from a cigar or smoke shop

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