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Zurich, Switzerland Pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Can't Remember, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. 50 Dollars = 49 Francs. 10 Francs per gram. Tell me what you guys think. Sorry for not good quality pic, camera is broken, had to use built in camera.

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  2. looks real nice, is that all one nug? and thats a sweet lighter
  3. no its not a huge bud its like 7 medium-small buds. souvenir barcelona lighter.
  4. Lookin' pretty tasty.
  5. Sick buds man. Whilst studying abroad in Lucerne, i used to have to drive into Zurich to pick up...bomb bud over there. Deff skunky.:smoke:
  6. nice bud and excellent lighter. very nice.
  7. great great pickup and good price :eek: ide definately cop some of that enjoy.
  8. looks good


  9. it use to be 10 francs to a dollar
    wow times have changed
    surprised its not euro
  10. looks pretty sweet i live in zurich and get about the same amount for 50 when not even a bit more:smoking::smoke:
  11. Neat seein foreign buds, nice prices too 10 frans per gram sounds like the norm in the states as well 10usd per gram is the going rate but anywhere from 5-30 usd a gram depending on location, merry christmas though have a good one!
  12. we need a close up, from the distance of the shot all I can tell is that it´s a good nug.
  13. Quality sheet.

  14. #15 Can't Remember, Jan 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 16, 2011
    new pickup bought 15 grams for 150 Francs this weekend, its got a sweet and fruity smell that stinks up my room even when I'm not smoking. after one hit from my bong I'm stoned for 1-2 hours. I've already smoked some at a party but i think there should be 10-12 grams.

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  15. I like everything except that lighter, lol good bud, keep on toking

  16. nice!! i've just moved to zurich and i'm looking for a hook-up, where would you recommend going for an american girl on her own? i'm not a typical "stoner" looking girl (but i can blaze with the best of them!) and i'm afraid of getting jacked or worse...and i don't speak any german. do you have any recommendations on what i should do? thanks!
  17. looks nice!
    Even nicer without any hookup connection within the zurich area ;) and sitting here in the dry. If anyone want to meetup on a beer, or two on my costs - send me pm.

    Can't Remember, what kinda brand/taste is it?
  18. Same as needeew here! A hookup connection would be awesome!
  19. hey guys if anyone can help me hookup on zurich please send me a PM, I would really appreciate it!!!


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